Zimbabwean Government Approves 37 Cannabis Investors

Zimbabwean government announced in April of 2018 that they would be allowing individuals and corporations to apply for licenses to produce medical cannabis. Lesotho was the first country in Africa to issue a medical marijuana cultivation license in 2017.

After receiving an influx of applications from more than 200 foreign and local investors, the Zimbabwean government has approved 37 of them.

Lands, Agriculture, Water, Climate, and Rural Resettlement Deputy Minister Vangelis Haritatos said that government is currently working on licensing the chosen applicants in accordance with Statutory Instrument 62 of 2018 (Dangerous Drugs Production of Cannabis for Medicinal and Scientific Use Regulations.

“In the last few months, more than 200 local and foreign companies have shown interest in venturing into medical cannabis production,” said Haritatos at the recent 6th Africa Round Table forum. “Cabinet has approved about 37 of them and they will be issued with licences.”

Licenses will be valid for twelve months before they will require renewal. Haritatos said that his ministry would be working with the Ministry of Health and Child Care in regards to investors’ production of medical cannabis.

“Let’s give investors a chance,” said Haritatos. “There is a lot of excitement which will bring a lot of investment and help people produce oils for cancer and other medicinal purposes.”

While recreational cannabis continues to be illegal in Zimbabwe, neighboring South Africa’s highest court ruled in September that cannabis use by adults in private is a constitutional right.