Amazing Women In The Cannabis industry

By: Matthew Lopez

Throughout my interviews and experiences, I’ve encountered many women who’ve dedicated themselves to the development of the cannabis industry, be it from advocacy, entrepreneurialism, education, analytical and laboratory services, the list goes on. In this article, I’d like to acknowledge and say thank you to just a few of the many amazing women who continue to represent the cannabis industry with the highest regards by contributing their time, efforts, and valiant deeds towards further industry progression.

  1. A) Liver transplant and cancer survivor Yamileth Bolanos is an outstanding, dedicated, and amazing individual whose story continues to ring out as a voice of advocacy for safe and legal access to medical cannabis products throughout California. Founder and president of the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance (the oldest organization for compliant cannabis collective operators in the country, aka GLACA) she’s also successfully lobbied for AB 258, aka California’s Medical Cannabis Organ Transplant Act which offers protections against the denial of vital organ transplants for afflicted patients based on their status of using legal medical cannabis (the bill has gone on to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown). In 2015, she started a Spanish-language outreach program called El Remedio in conjunction with Americans For Safe Access to provide better education to the Spanish-speaking cannabis community. You can find Ms. Bolanos at her home base, Purelife Alternative Wellness in the Los Angeles area continuing to spread love and education for the growing cannabis population.
  2. B) Terrie Best, Chapter Chair for the San Diego Chapter of Americans For Safe Access, has been diligently reaching out to provide support to legal cannabis patients who have been wrongfully affected by local cannabis laws and restrictions and speaking out against questionable legal practices within the county of San Diego. She won the ASA Advocate of the Year Award in 2015 and continues to help the industry through moral support, citizen journalism, and blog coverage that helps to connect affected patients with legal defense attorneys and important services. San Diego has faced many struggles with cannabis regulations, and compliant patients are still unfortunately victimized by the local court system. Until the city offers/adopts better solutions towards cannabis legalization, Terrie will continue to act as a voluntary voice of reason who’ll swiftly report when legally compliant cannabis patients are treated unfairly in the legal court system.
  3. C) Attorney, product developer, Board Member of the Massachusetts Patients Advocacy Alliance, and Co-Chair of the Northeast Cannabis Coalition, Shanel Lindsay has been educating the cannabis community about the importance of proper decarboxylation in the development of cannabis-infused sublinguals, topicals, and edibles. In 2012 she commissioned the assistance of MCR Labs, a New England Cannabis Testing Facility, to perform groundbreaking research in the process of decarboxylation, and then developed a device that would accentuate this process/maximize the potency of edible infused cannabis preparations. As the founder of Ardent Cannabis, producer of the NOVA decarboxylation device, she continues to advocate for the progression of the cannabis industry all across the east coast.

D-G) (From left to right) Layla Ross, Amber Abbott, Juli Crockett, and Nikki Myers are members of team W-vapes, a California-based company that produces a variety of quality, consistent co2 extract products. Through hard work, diligence, and commitment to excellence, W-vapes has gone on to win numerous industry accolades and continues spread positive vibes throughout the growing cannabis community through meticulous R&D, outstanding consumer interaction, and sheer product professionalism.   

As time goes on, and more places adopt regulations permitting the use of cannabis products, we’ll continue to see more and more amazing women come forward in the name of proper cannabis regulations, standardization, education, and innovation. We’ll be sure to highlight more of our industry pioneer women as we continue to move forward. Until next time, thank you all again for your hard work and dedication.  


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