An Extraordinary Cannabis Tale: Tapped In

By Sxott Rixhardson

IG: @Everythingisgreen420

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Network(Verb)- to interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.

Everyone is going to the dispensary. Celebrities, Politicians, Old people, young people, color irrelevant everybody wants cannabis. Considering how long humans have documented cannabis in the history of the world; could it be that cannabis is naturally sought after? Is the urge to consume cannabis embedded in our DNA? or similar to the will to quench one’s thirst with clean water or an ant’s natural instinct from birth to work for the colony? Emerald believes so. At this point, Emerald and the security team are cranking over 16 hours a day and seeing the dispensary serve over one thousand patients a day along with overseeing the volunteers and complicated parking. Conveniently next door is a very active bar. You know the kind of bar that attracts all crowds from your everyday priest to your neighborhood friendly biker. The only violence encountered that required police and paramedics took place at the bar. This astonished Emerald. Truly observing statistics in front of his own eyes. Day to day meeting growers, vendors of all brands from CBD pet treats to your favorite concentrates. Emerald had devised a plan to help inspire those in his neighborhood with information on cannabis and it’s positives effects. Preserving life and protecting lives has been a common trend in the life of Emerald. With the honor of observing a veteran around the Orange County area named SSGT Lewandowxki and the Weed For Warrior Project team a seed was planted in Emerald. Emerald began to dream of watching a similar change take place in his hometown and surrounding neighborhoods and to be a part of it. California wasn’t out of the dark yet in cannabis itself raids began to happen all around at the other neighborhood dispensaries and eventually, Emerald and the security team observed the raid take place at the dispensary nearest them. Emerald felt uneasy about watching great American’s lose the right to serve a community in need. Could the law be that divided about something that naturally occurs in nature? Why is that? Emerald continues the journey of answering these questions the mission to make a change and witness it. Stay tuned.