Cannabis Infused Intentions

Using intention to guide your cannabis experience

I’ve always known that cannabis is a miraculous plant that has so many health benefits for those who consume it.

I’ve also always been somewhat of a spiritual person. I love learning about consciousness and meditation and spirituality.

But it didn’t occur to me until recently that both those ideas and concepts go hand in hand with one another.

We all know there is a high associated with consuming cannabis containing THC.
Some people do not like the high, others use it as an escape, some use it to help chronic pain and others seek cannabis to heal cancers and other serious illnesses.

Upon doing some research I have found an amazing author named Stephen Gray and this wonderful interview where he talks about the content of his book Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorers Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit Ally

According to him, cannabis is an amplifier.

So what does that mean?

In general terms, it will work with your intentions and expand them to reach the desired effect and experience that you want your cannabis to give you.

It amplifies your thoughts and it can improve your “energy body” or consciousness as well as your physical body.

Smoke your cannabis spiritually once in a while.
Sit alone, in a relaxed environment.
Inhale her smoke.
Set your intention to relieve stress, to open your mind, to get an answer you have been seeking, to be inspired, to feel good, to be present.
Whatever it is that you are needing.
And just sit and breath deeply.
Meditate with her.

Make it a ritual.

Cannabis is a high-vibrational herb.
So visit with it with high-vibrational intentions and you will experience high-vibrational things.

Cannabis can open your mind and expand your psychic connection to others.
It can connect you to your higher self, to nature, and to universal consciousness.

Focus on how you’re feeling when taking a puff.3999a8ba408cedd6be647b2330550619 Focus on how you want to feel, set your intentions.
Breathe deep and imagine those feelings expanding.
Pay attention to the intuitive messages that will cross your mind while you are focusing.

I sat and meditated for a few minutes with cannabis this morning and it led to this blog post.
It led to a few pages full of fresh, new ideas that I just can’t wait to put into action.
I set the intention for some clarity on the path I should take with my business, and I have received my answers.


Cannabis works with your intentions consciously or subconsciously – that part is up to you!

You must consciously set your intentions or your subconscious will choose for you.

Most people who have had a bad experience with smoking cannabis probably forgot to set their intentions for what they wanted to experience while spending time with the herb.

Throughout our childhood we were told by our parents, teachers and authorities that cannabis is BAD – so if you are new to cannabis and try it for the first time, your subconscious will probably give you an experience that reflects those beliefs that are burned into your subconscious mind from a young age.

Of course, there are many factors when using cannabis such as the strain, the terpenes, the concentration of different cannabinoids, but the most important aspect of smoking is being conscious of what you intend the plant to do for you.

Once you are aware of this powerful practice of setting your intentions, when you sit down to take a toke you can be self-aware and set your intentions so that cannabis can be a productive tool to help you relax, heal or experience enlightenment. That part is up to you!

This part is just speculation and personal opinion – but based on my knowledge on the amplifying aspects of the plant I believe that you can set your intentions with any form of cannabis like CBD oils, edibles, and concentrates – especially if you are using it to heal.

Spending time with your cannabis and setting intentions for what you want the plant to heal in your body could expand the benefits of the plant regardless of the intake method.

Have you used cannabis as part of your spiritual practice?


By @cannabisinfusedmotherhood

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