Cannabis Global Files Patent For Animal-Based Cannabosides

A California cannabis and hemp-related technology company has filed a patent for a cannabinoid processing method involving insects.

Los Angeles-based Cannabis Global, Inc. in January announced its filing of a patent for a unique method of producing water-soluble cannabinoids.

Cannabis oil is hydrophobic, meaning it does not mix with water.

For cannabis oil to be water-soluble, additional processing is required.

Conventional methods of making cannabis oil water-soluble can involve the use of emulsifiers, carrier oils, and ultrasonic processing.

Cannabis Global is opting for a different approach.

According to Cannabis Global, the new patent “relates to a composition comprising one or more cannabosides and a method of producing one or more cannabosides.”

The method involves feeding cannabinoids to insects (excluding honeybees) and harvesting the insects to improve the solubility and stability of cannabinoids.

The patent covers the process of creating the compounds as well as their use in preparing foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products.

“Our corporate research program was specifically designed to address issues relating to the absorption of cannabinoids, says Cannabis Global CEO Arman Tabatabaei. “The results have been the filing of three patents on cannabinoid delivery technologies, two of which specifically address using life forms to process and alter cannabinoids. We believe what we have invented represents a new form of cannabinoids processing with a host of positive implications for cannabinoid delivery in foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.”

The new patent application is Cannabis Global’s third non-provisional filing.

The company previously filed six provisional applications during 2019 and 2020.

In November 2020, Cannabis Global filed to protect its novel methods of polymeric nanoparticle creation and use.

The filing also included polymeric nanoparticle creation methods involving food-grade ingredients.