Los Angeles County Adds Vaping And Cannabis To Smoking Ban

Public consumption of cannabis is not permitted in California under Prop 64, but Los Angeles County is updating policies to indicate that in places where tobacco smoking is not allowed, smoking cannabis and vaping are also banned.

New changes to the Los Angeles County Smoke-Free Ordinance update the rules to include “electronic smoking devices and cannabis” as well as place further restrictions on smoking in unincorporated areas, on county property, and in county vehicles.

In addition to rules regarding the use of pipes, cigars, cigarettes, electronic smoking devices, and hookahs, the smoking ban ambiguously encompasses “any other method or device that delivers nicotine, cannabis or other like substances.”

Under the ordinance, smoking or vaping is not allowed at locations such as parks, bus stops, public parking areas, public beaches, and within 25 feet of a restaurant or bar. The rules prohibit smoking within 40 feet of a temporary food facility such as a food truck or cart.

Fines for smoking in a smoke-free area currently range from $10 to $100.

The ordinance makes allowances for actors and models in permitted productions and photography sessions to smoke in areas where it is normally banned.

The new rules will become effective in 30 days.