Ann Coulter Delta Dust Up

By Michael Pylant

Twitter: @MICHAEL05042834

It seems Ann Coulter is again in the headlines. From her outspoken bravado to her stance on illegal immigration she has yet again made the headlines if only in a modest way. The syndicated columnist/attorney’s latest rants were aimed squarely at Delta Airlines when they gave her seat to another passenger. But the issue didn’t stop there. What should have been a minor problem resolved from Coulter and Delta in a quiet and calm and meaningful manner without drama went on to tweets from both sides the more aggressive levied by Coulter herself, resulting in a social media tirade and insults to Delta her crew and passengers. In addition to her tweets, she posted photos from her media device. It seems Delta’s response to all of this was quite congruent and appropriate, states Forbes magazine. First Delta extended an apology to Coulter as well as refunding a 30 dollar upcharge for the seat. The response from Delta came back almost immediately stating the comments made by Ann Coulter following the incident were both unacceptable and unnecessary.

Shep Hyken, who is a customer service expert in his field as well as being a keynote speaker and working with many companies to have better relationships with their customers, said kudos to Delta for standing up to Coulter and standing up for their crew and passengers. That could have been a risky move on the part of the airline but suitable for the circumstances regarding the situation. Hyken went on to say “As a customer there are right ways as well as wrong ways to voice a complaint. I would use social media as a last resort. Use this resort sparingly; you always run the risk of looking foolish if you take things farther than they need to go. Try to use traditional methods first; this will appear to be magnanimous on your part. First, try a customer service rep. These people are usually very helpful, and they serve as the first line of defense. Send an email, make a phone call, or write a letter. Now as for the side of the company in question, never appear to be arguing with a customer, and never argue a complaint publicly, it serves no real purpose, and you only end up looking bad. Remember the world is watching to see how you handle the situation. Let the public and the customer see that you care and are making every effort to resolve their problem.” Source: Forbes Magazine.

How does Ann Coulter feel about Delta Airlines now that some amount of time has passed? She tweeted rather unfavourably in regards to Ann Coulter’s dust up with Delta.