ReUp Festival Blazes Up San Bernardino

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

Southern California is no stranger to high temperatures during the year, especially during the summer. But even scorching temperatures weren’t enough to keep people away from the ReUp Festival 2.0 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino on Saturday.

A brief rainfall and scattered clouds made for a humid event with temperatures peaking at 113° for the day.

Regardless, a steady stream of guests continued to pour through the event’s front gates in search of endless cannabis products, accessories, giveaways, and a multitude of live hip-hop performances.

The non-Prop 215 area was sectioned off in the Pond area with food vendors, a doctor’s recommendation booth, and the event’s main stage where live acts including Lil Debbie, Chief Keef, and more than twenty-five other acts entertained the crowds throughout the entire day.

Inflatable misting booths were positioned on the lawn in a couple of areas, offering people a bit of relief from the day’s intense heat. A blow-up donut, lobster, slice of pizza, and other pool toys floated in the pond.

Event-goers armed with a doctor’s recommendation were given a second wristband which granted them access to the Citrus building and its immediate perimeter where all of the cannabis vendor booths were located.

A wide variety of brands, price ranges, and product types were available to sample and purchase at the array of vendor tables. Marijuana clothing, medicated slushies, cannabis pour-ups, large bags of flower, slabs of concentrates, and glass cases filled with shelves of vape cartridges adorned every row of the area.

In addition to free dabs being given out at many of the booths, edible makers also handed out free samples of their products. The Pen Depot booth had a line for most of the day, handing out t-shirts as people tried their products.

Inside at one end of the Citrus venue, Medi Mike and others entertained the crowd from the stage, tossing out freebies and djing music.

According to the event’s Instagram account, a ReUp Festival 3.0 is in the works, but there are no other public details at the moment.

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