No Cannabis Cafes for Colorado

By Marieval Yebra

With the number of bars and pubs around us at all times, you would think that by now with the legalization of marijuana there would be a place to consume marijuana and its products in the public. Alas, there is not a place in the U.S. where you can legally smoke weed in public. Insane right, even in Colorado where marijuana is completely legal to smoke recreationally you cannot smoke in public. So any fantasies anyone had about having a mocha alongside a bowl of cherry pie kush … Yeah that bubble has been popped.

In fact, just this last week Governor John Hickenlooper vetoed a bill that could have allowed the licensing of public cannabis cafes where one could use small amounts of marijuana, yeah this is reality, not a Cheech and Chong movie where one is one is allowed to down pounds of weed in one sitting. If this bill had been passed it would be the only state in the nation to have passed such a law. Crazy right, not even in California where we are known to be a bunch of relaxed, marijuana induced miscreants … No offense to anyone as I myself am a native of California and have been labeled under such stereotypes. Back to topic .., So why is it so difficult to get this bill passed? Well one of the contributing factors is how does one establish laws for those not only buying marijuana but those buying marijuana for public use.

Now you would think that this literally would be treated the same way as alcohol especially when you read the many bi laws that came into play when recreational marijuana actually became a “thing” .  The only thing I still find odd is that even though it is legally recreational now and you can still get fined or cited for it. There is still no place where people can congregate over a hookah that is not flavored tobacco. Colorado’s governor says because there is no way to actually test the way marijuana effects the brain there is no way to properly monitor and moderate what a safe dosage would be for public consumption. 

Not only that but they can’t measure intoxication you know like a breathalyzer does for alcohol. Yup, all the hype that was surrounding these supposed “weed breathalyzers ” that were going to be dispensed to states where weed had become legal doesn’t exist.

Anyways it doesn’t seem there is going to be any place that anyone can smoke freely and publicly anytime soon whether it’s in Colorado … Or pretty much anywhere else.  Maybe one day laws will be a little more relaxed and we can have place to smoke , read some Hemingway and eat a cannoli .. And hopefully that place would be located here in the U.S. and not across the ocean thousands of miles away.

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