Dr. Oz On Cannabis

By Jordan Gesko

IG: @jordangesko

Everyone and their mother knows of Dr. Oz. He is a cardiothoracic surgeon, Columbia University professor, pseudoscience promoter, author, and television personality. Like most people, I heard about him from TV. My parents watch a lot of TV. My Dad called me into his room one day because Dr. Oz was on and was talking about marijuana. That’s the only time I’ll watch TV if it’s about weed or skateboarding. I watched it with him for a minute. Dr. Oz only had good things to say about marijuana. He personally believes it could be the exit drug of the narcotic epidemic, but it is a schedule one drug and is illegal to study. He says medical decisions should be made by doctors, not law enforcement.

Dr. Oz is asking all the doctors, all researchers and all the people to join him in petitioning the government for studying marijuana as a solution for chronic pain. Opioid abuse costs America 78 billion dollars a year. Now we are spending one-tenth of 1% of that total to support cannabis research. The president says its an opioid crisis and is a federal emergency. It is the right time to prove that marijuana can help with chronic pain. Montel Williams was on the show and said we should stop the stupid. 91 people die a day from heroin addiction. No one in the world has ever died in human history from cannabis. Montel said 17 years ago, his doctor told him he’s not going to write anymore prescriptions and that he needed to find out if marijuana would help his Multiple Sclerosis. He got emotional on TV over the subject of cannabis.

For a lot of people, including me, it is an emotional subject. I love how these guys are promoting the use of cannabis. They have a lot of people’s attention, and they create a buzz when they talk about things. It is definitely good for marijuana’s future when people like Dr. Oz cover it on television. Go to Drozshow.com to find out more and sign his petition. Here is a direct link to the petition. goo.gl/tHuVVp