Don’t Drink Bathwater

By Cara Anderson
IG: @carajojo

Featured photo via @bathworxla

Last night the moon was huge and bright, the desert was quiet and cold; then I remembered a Bathworx LA bath fizzy waiting to bless my tub.

“Alchemized super healer bath fizz infused with crystal energy.”

Whether you feel bummy or you already feel like a goddess, taking a nice hot bath is a boss move. I carefully prepare my environment before a bath. My bedroom needs to be clean, and I love to have candles, a book, crystals, silky nightgown, and an array of post-bath skin care.

As I drew my bath I checked in with my body; no unusual pains… I have an injured knee, but that’s a dull constant. My mind was mellow from Mondo Meds cannabis powder. I lit candles, tied my hair, and dropped the bath gem into the warm water. There was a satisfying fizz as the bath bomb danced in the water; sodium bicarbonate and citric acid did their thing. I slipped into the warm bucket of essential oil and hemp infused life nectar. Time melted away; I was immersed in relaxation.

The Bathworx LA Fire bath fizzy is perfect for Fall; I was wrapped in euphoric scents of cinnamon, and cardamom as I escaped the cold outside and disappeared into warmth.

The Bathworx LA instructions are to soak for twenty minutes or longer. I tend to overdo things, so I steeped for over an hour. When I finally drained the tub and stood up to rinse off, I got lightheaded, literally seeing fractals and stars. It was a lovely visual, but I didn’t want to pass out. I squatted down and let the cool shower splash over me as I collected myself. I was reminded of my friend Tini waking up in her bathroom with blood running from her head after a hot shower, wondering how the hell her little body got there. This is irrelevant to the quality of the product, but bathing can be dangerous. Hot water causes your blood vessels to dilate, and your blood moves away from your core; in short, it reduces blood flow to your brain, and you can get dizzy. Stay hydrated before a hot bath and remember to stand up slowly afterward!

The Fire Bath Fizzy instills feelings of ardor. The “Fire” aspect of this fizzy deals with one of four elements that rule us. I’m a water sign (Scorpio), but I am enamored by fire. I call so many fire-signed women friends, mostly Leos. They boil me up and incite change within myself as I admire their prowess and drive. The fire element is one of power, passion, and determination. During my bath, I kept this in mind and focused on the tangible goals I am working towards, as well as my never-ending quest to be a stronger, more thoughtful, and more loving human.

Aesthetically, the Bathworx LA Fire Bath Fizzy has premium packaging. The bath fizzy was sealed in plastic wrap and placed inside a plastic box with some black confetti to keep it from breaking. I use crystals with baths so I adore the gem shape of the bath fizzy!

The Fire fizzy box says “50 mg of THC,” however, it’s ingredients don’t list THC. This is because the ingredient list is used for Bathworx LA’s CBD only bath fizzy as well. The standout ingredients that they do list include Colloidal Silver, Organic Hemp derived CBD, and an essential oil blend. The essential oil blend is comprised of hempseed oil, organic kasturi turmeric powder, wild crafted rosehip powder, Organic red sandalwood powder, wildcrafted Peruvian dragon’s blood extract, organic frankincense essential oil, organic clove essential oil, organic cinnamon cassia essential oil, organic black pepper essential oil, organic nettle extract, clary sage essential oil, organic arnica oil, organic fir needle essential oil, and organic papaya leaf extract.

THC in a bath fizzy was simply strange to me, in general. Why market THC in a bath bomb? THC affects the CB1 receptors which are in your brain. I thought THC doesn’t penetrate the epidermis and muscles to the bloodstream, and I don’t drink my bathwater, so I was lost on that aspect.

I asked Stephanie to explain how THC in a bath fizzy effects us, in short, “rectal absorption.” She continued that any bath product that contains THC can get you high through rectal absorption, something that many people don’t consider.

I’m looking forward to stocking my bathroom with more of these precious products after last night. Bathworx LA is the lovechild of licensed holistic esthetician Stephanie Thompson (Skin.Matter and Top Shelf Extracts’ Daniel de Sailles. They do not test their products on animals, and 92% of their ingredients are organic. Their MO is “Organic, Wildcrafted, Small-Batch, Hemp Infused.”

I’ve been feeling like a goddess, and the Bathworx LA Bath Fizz only enhanced that.

Post-bath absorption, I did my usual regimen of nighttime restorative skincare and introduced Herbivora’s Skin Deep cannabis flower topical to my cheeks, hip stretch marks, and chest. Check back for more on Herbivora soon, and if you’re interested in the skin products I use on a daily basis, feel free to comment below!