Autoimmune Diseases and Cannabis Healing 

By Frank G. Shineman

An autoimmune disease is defined as a condition arising from an abnormal response to a normal body part. Scientists report that there are over 80 autoimmune diseases. These diseases cause a human’s normal auto-immune system to become dysfunctional. This dysfunction leaves our bodies prone to attack by germs and infection.

In the balance of this report, we are going to strive to inform you how it can be very realistic for you to find relief through the consumption of cannabis, focusing on the types with CBD and THC.  I also want to do something I don’t normally do.  That is, I will reference some testimonial videos that a sufferer of one of these diseases can view at their leisure. To me, personally, it is grievous that Big Pharma has no interest in you being free from your disease. Of course, the medical profession is equally culpable for two reasons. First of all, medical students are taught that there is no solution except through the endless prescribing of pharmaceuticals.  This fact affects me in a very personal way as a sufferer of Type 2 Diabetes. More than a few times, I have run into the hardheadedness of my physicians at the VA. Not only the nurses and primary physician but also the pharmacologist and the podiatrist assigned to my case.

Some of this information I will provide is based on a booklet, which I recently received in the mail, “I want my CBD” written by Brian Popko.  If the reader wishes they may be able to obtain a copy through his website-

The list is long ranging from acne, to strokes, and traumatic brain injury.  We are constantly barraged through the media with commercials recommending different types of pharmaceutical drugs. The truth is that these powerful drugs only mask the symptoms of the disease but do nothing to heal the suffering of the patient.  These are diseases and conditions that affect many of us, ranging from young children with Type 1 Diabetes, youths with acne, and  our senior citizens with Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Of course, then there are the men and women who imperil their lives by fighting for our freedom against the threat of terrorism from foreign lands.  The most common conditions seen in our brave veterans are PTSD, Spinal Cord Injury, and Traumatic Brain Injury, all of which can be effectively treated with medical marijuana.


This painful affliction is widely reported on the Internet as being difficult to treat and impossible to cure.  Some medical experts believe that its cause is a chemical reaction in the nervous system.  Others say it can be triggered by an emotional or traumatic event.  Other scientists believe it can be connected to poor sleep patterns and poor exercise. The factor about all of this that deeply bothers me is that Big Pharma is an industry that is totally corrupt. While they rake in the hundreds of billions of dollars, they have no interest in improving the lives of their customers.  This stance of mine is based on several facts.  First of there is the murder of 77 Holistic Doctors since 2015.  In addition, I would like to direct your attention to another Youtube video testimonial of a lady,  As the result of an online survey conducted by the National Pain Foundation, some very important conclusions were realized.  The not-so-surprising-conclusion is that according to more than 13,00 respondents, cannabis is far more effective than any of the three FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs.  These drugs are Cymbalta, Lyrica, and Savella.   The almost-unanimous response was simply that the drugs don’t work.  


The work of the Marijuana Policy Project,, must be considered for all of their excellent work in helping our veterans overcome this condition.  Their slogan is “We Change Laws.”  For a clearer understanding of this condition, we will borrow from their definition; PTSD is a serious condition that involves a person developing characteristic symptoms. These symptoms are flashbacks, numbing and avoidance that happens after experiencing an extremely traumatic stressor.

Limitations of other Medications

Antipsychotic drugs and antidepressants are mostly used to treat PTSD.  However, scientific researchers say that such drugs can be ineffective and even harmful.  It has been reported that the pharmaceutical drugs used for veterans are no more effective than placebos and can come with serious side effects.

The Federal Government has thwarted and delayed research.

Although the FDA has approved clinical trials for further study, Federal agencies have obstructed any progress.  In April 2011 the FDA gave its approval to study whether cannabis will help alleviate the symptoms of PTSD.  But the Health and Human Services Department refused to provide them with the government grown marijuana necessary for the clinical trials