Applied DNA And Old Port Oil To Conduct CBD Oil Tagging Pilot

Polymerase Chain Reaction-based DNA manufacturer Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (Applied DNA) today announced that it will be conducting a funded pre-commercial pilot project to tag cannabidiol (CBD) oil for the newly-formed Old Port Oil cannabis processing company.

The pilot will utilize Applied DNA’s CertainT platform which allows raw materials to be tagged with a unique molecular identifier, the presence of which can be tested for as the product makes its way through the supply chain.

Points of data associated with tagging and testing are tracked as they are uploaded to a secure cloud database.

The CertainT platform is suitable for use in a range of industries including pharmaceuticals, textiles, personal care, fertilizer, and cannabis.

Old Port Oil is preparing to soon launch its first CBD product, and the company chose the CertainT platform to protect its brand, intellectual property, and verify that the oil was produced in Maine.

Scott Keeler, the Founder of Old Port Oil, says that the CertainT platform will allow the company to provide its customers with uncontestable proof of product origin and protect the brand from counterfeits and misuse in the marketplace.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with Scott and the team at Old Port Oil to implement our CertainT platform as a strategic component to their business plan and go-to-market strategy,” says Applied DNA Vice President of Marketing John Shearman. “As the cannabis industry continues to mature and go through growing pains just like any other emerging industry, it will require an ecosystem of technologies, processes and procedures and compliance frameworks to remove the uncertainty over time.”

Shearman says that companies like Old Port Oil that recognize such a need out-of-the-gate and implement innovative solutions will be leaders in the market and create successful companies.”

Once the pilot project is completed, Oil Port Oil plans to increase commercial production and tag all units of its first product throughout 2020.