Astronaut Sorbet Among Spaced Food’s Early Access Offerings

A Canadian edible maker is offering early access to some of its upcoming edible products.

The Vancouver-based Blackhawk Growth Corp. investment holding today announced that its Spaced Food subsidiary is offering shareholders and investors a chance to try a new product lineup before it launches.

Spaced Food expects to produce approximately 75,000 units per month and increase production as needed.

“Be one of the first to try Spaced Food’s leading edge edible products,” states a Spaced Food press release. “You’ll get to sample some Strawberry Astronaut Sorbet, and one of our UFO line of chocolate enrobed cookies (samples contain NO THC OR CBD). You’ll also get a bit of swag to prove you’re one of the early recruits entering the Spaced Force!”

In addition to its Astronaut Sorbet, Spaced Food is offering samples of chocolate-vanilla UFO-REO, peanut butter Nuttership, and maple UF-EH? sandwich cookies.

The 10mg Astronaut Sorbet is a fully stable, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free ice cream that does not require refrigeration.

Spaced Food makes its Astronaut Sorbet with real fruit and no preservatives.

The UFO-REO, Nuttership, and UF-EH? sandwich cookies are each coated with cannabis-infused dark Belgian chocolate.

According to Spaced Food, the products underwent a three-year research and development phase to achieve accurate dosing and excellent bioavailability that melts in your mouth.

For anyone interested in trying a non-infused sample pack of the new products, they are available for $2 via the company website.