Bhang Ice Chocolate Bar

Bhang Ice Chocolate bar is a refreshing treat, Bhang’s dedication to quality infused chocolate is apparent from the first bite to the THC set in. The icy peppermint chocolate bar is consistent in texture with absolutely no cannabis taste. The high is a mellow, euphoric buzz; the perfect after dinner bite for unwinding after a long day.

The chocolate bar is divided into ten pieces, each containing 10 mg of THC. Each piece of the Bhang Ice Chocolate bar that I ate delivered a consistent effect, which is an important plus for edible lovers. The chocolate is packaged in a box with all ingredients listed. Inside, the chocolate bars are contained in a discreet matte black, child safe, resealable bag.

Bhang boasts Fair Trade, sustainable-sourced cacao that comes from South America. The Ice Chocolate bar contains 48% cocoa, natural peppermint oil, and hybrid cannabis. Bhang Chocolate, created by chef and CEO Scott Van Rixel, offers a variety of other artisan chocolate bar flavors from Pretzel & Chocolate to French Espresso.

I recommend this to people with a sweet tooth who like minty chocolate, and want an edible that is mild enough to be consumed on any occasion. Bhang’s products are affordably priced and available in dispensaries over California.