Billy Caldwell Finally Receives Cannabis License

Coinciding with Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s announcement this week that medicinal cannabis is being placed in the Schedule 2 category, Billy Caldwell was able to finally obtain a license for the life-saving oil upon which he relies daily.

When Billy’s medicine was confiscated at Heathrow Airport last month, his health declined rapidly, and a public outcry arose, prompting officials to return a portion of the cannabis oil and work toward modifying medical marijuana policy in the United Kingdom for exceptional cases.

Billy’s mother Charlotte has campaigned tirelessly for her son and others like him ever since officials seized the boy’s cannabis oil. Her efforts have succeeded in changing government policy and will have benefits for Billy and others living with similar conditions.

“Every compassionate, decent, and professional doctor I know want to learn about medicinal cannabis therapies so they can get prescribing and help many, many people,” Charlotte told Belfast Live. “It’s over; it’s unbelievable, incredible. It’s been an eternity and the click of the fingers at the same time.”

The issuing of Billy’s cannabis license combined with the rescheduling of medicinal marijuana made for a big gift on an extra special day in the Caldwell home as Billy also had a birthday on Thursday.

“That the Home Secretary has announced that medicinal cannabis can now be prescribed by GPs on Billy’s 13th birthday is amazing,” said Charlotte. “I wonder if he knew. Never has Billy received a better birthday present.”

Having secured a license, Charlotte will now be able to administer Billy’s cannabis oil at home. Once the current rescheduling process for medicinal cannabis is completed, the oil will be available by prescription.

Image: Keep Billy Alive Facebook Page


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