Cannabis And Motherhood

By: Evita Delgadillo Rodriguez 

I’m a mother of three. I had my first way too young, the influence of marijuana was there; I loved it. My family smoked it, baked with it, made it seem like it was no big deal. I was connected to marijuana in a close way. I had to keep all of the smoking growing, and knowledge I knew a secret because people love to get you in trouble over nothing. I have family members now that can’t see their kids over crap with marijuana and have to take parenting classes to prove they are good parents. Motherhood should be focused on what you do with your child on an everyday thing, not what you do in private after the kids go asleep and you are alone.

When people pry into your personal life and put the spotlight on bad behaviors that no one has seen, that is:

  1. Trash of people, because it usually comes from friends or family.
  2. from noisy people who have nothing better to do with their time.

I can’t stand those kind of people.  I think the worst kind of behaviors a smoker could have is making too much food, and watching cartoon after cartoon with the kids when it is bed time. If the kids’ homework is done, they have had a bath, dishes are washed, and everyone is ready for bed, why in the world wouldn’t a grown man or women do as they please.

When you’re a mother, and this is true for me even now, I made sure my kids were taken care of, my house clean. I kept everyone’s business out of mine, I didn’t involve my neighbors kids in to start drama. I still live by these rules today because CPS and God know how many other people go through trouble times and the reason they smoke weed is no one’s business. If you’re a mom and you keep the house held down, kids are kept up nice, dinner is made every night, lunches made, go to work, and still maintain to help with homework and baths like a normal person ,more power to you.

Don’t let normal society tell you that you can’t function and be a good person. I’m a good person I was a great mother for over 10 years that juggled growing, raising kids, PTA meetings, soccer games, family functions, and doctor appointments. And I still maintained to look cops in the face and convince them I’m a good person. I was and still am a good person. So, smoking isn’t a bad thing. Going to fairs or showing your face to hemp shows is a good thing. Hemp was used for so many things back in the day. As mothers let’s go back and use what hemp was used for; modern day spin on an old product.