Cannabis-Infused Non-Alcoholic Beverages

As cannabis legalization spreads worldwide, a number of new cannabis products are available.  Just as edibles have extended far beyond gummy bears, cannabis drinks have extended beyond cannabis wines.  Moreover, for those that do not like alcohol or who simply wish to enjoy the effects of THC or CBD without alcohol, there are a number of cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverages.  Some of them are beers, some are energy drinks, and some of them are soft drinks. For those that do not like to smoke – or even for those that do – cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverages are a wonderful way to enjoy cannabis.

Canadian Cannabis-Infused Non-Alcoholic Drinks

AB InBev, a Dutch-Brazilian beer company, and Tilray, a Canadian cannabis company have formed Fluent Beverage company, a joint venture. Concurrently, Fluent has launched a new line of CBD non-alcoholic beverages now that edibles are legal in Canada.  They are currently developing THC infused drinks. However, ther beer companies are investing in cannabis-infused beverages. Beer company Molson Coors and Canadian cannabis company HEXO have made another joint venture, Truss.  Similarly, Truss is researching cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverages.

Cannabis edibles became legal in Canada on October 17, 2019.  In 2020 and beyond, more cannabis drinks will become available as Health Canada approves their licenses. Canadian companies sell more than non-alcoholic cannabis beers.  Hill Street Beverage Company sells non-alcoholic cannabis wines.  They categorize their cannabis wines in the same way traditional wines are categorized.  The categories of non-alcoholic cannabis-infused wines they have are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Chardonnay,  Brut Rose, and Brut Blanc.

Pacific Northwestern Cannabis Infusions

Sorse Technology offers a number of cannabis infusions.  In other words, they infuse their drinks with CBD, THC, or terpenes. The company sells its drinks in the Pacific Northwest. Reeb, one of their non-alcoholic beers is a THC infusion sold in Washington State. In addition, they also sell cannabis-infused apple ciders.  Happy Apple is a THC-infused cider.  Sorse sells the Utopia brand of cannabis flavored drinks with one’s choice of cherry, grapefruit, and lime flavors. Additionally, they have a sparkling cannabis drink, Pearl20, that is reminiscent of champagne.

California Cannabis Infusions

Two Roots Brewing in early 2019 launched cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beers. These cannabis drinks are available in select dispensaries in California, and they have no calories.  So there is no associated weight gain like there is with many alcoholic beverages. Two Roots Brewing’s new drink is called Cannabier.  Cannabier is currently available only in California, but whenever the US legalizes cannabis at the federal level it would be available throughout the nation.

The Beverage Trade Network is hosting the Cannabis Drinks Expo in June, 2020, in San Francisco. It’s an event that will host a variety of makers of cannabis drinks from around the world.  Investors anticipate full legalization in the US of recreational cannabis, so they already want to have their contacts in place.  It also deals with pending legalization in other countries, so cannabis beverage businesses people can form global contacts. This event isn´t strictly for businesses.  Lawyers, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and political analysts will be there. This is a gathering place for people to shape and coordinate cannabis policy around the world.  San Francisco is a fitting place for this, as San Francisco made the first medical marijuana laws.

Cannabis Juices

There are cannabis-infused juices as well.  Colorado Cannabis Company sells a cannabis-infused, orange juice powder that one can simply mix with water, or put in a blender with one´s chosen ingredients to make smoothies.

American Legality of Cannabis Beverages

Hemp is fully legal in the United States.  While THC-infused drinks cannot be made or sold outside of states where THC is legal, CBD is available in all states.  Hemp became legal as of Dec. 2018 as a provision of the Farm Bill.  Lawmakers are working to remove  restrictions against THC such as lack of access to the national banking system, inability to cross state or US international borders, lack of insurability.  Moreover, large companies can be involved in cannabis-infused drinks if they infuse their products with CBD.

The peculiarity of this has to do with US constitutional law. The US government only has the right to regular at inter-state and international business.  Consequently, the business purely conducted within state boundaries is exempt from federal regulation.  This is why the federal government cannot prevent states from making THC legal within their boundaries.

Cannabis Soft Drinks

Now that hemp is nationally legal in America, Coca-Cola plans on making CBD soft drinks.  Coca Cola is the biggest vendor of soft drinks in the world. Coca Cola researching CBD-infused soft drinks is major news. Undoubtedly, this shows the investment and market potential of CBD and ultimately THC-infused soft drinks.  Monster also has cannabis energy beverages in development. Companies already sell cannabis teas. With a number of cannabis-infused non-alcoholic beverages already available, consumers in legal markets have their options as to what to try.

There are even cannabis coffee and cannabis chocolate drinks available.  The vendors may infuse these drinks with CBD, THC, or both depending on what is currently legal in the jurisdiction. Of course, the effects will vary depending on the caffeine content and on whether the drink is infused with CBD or THC.  Regardless, this is certainly a very exciting time for cannabis drinks. Moreover, maybe 2020 will be the year cannabis drinks change the beverage industry.