Cannabis Tampons?

By Cara Anderson
IG: @carajojo

I was lamping at Echo Lake Park the other day and my girlfriend showed me a photo of a cannabis tampon on Instagram. Naturally, I was hype, but I have a limited data plan so I waited until I got home to research the tampons. I knew that cannabis helps menstrual discomfort but I hadn’t yet heard of a cannabis tampon.

So, cannabis tampons?

Not quite. Any woman who medicates knows that cannabis is paramount when it comes to dealing with menstrual cramps and PMS. Apparently Queen Victoria’s doctor Sir Russell Reynolds prescribed her cannabis tincture for menstrual cramps back in 1890. Good enough for a queen? True. We’re all queens. True.

However, the products being called “weed tampons” are absolutely not tampons, despite what the dolots say.

Example of mislabeling:

“These suppositories are used like regular tampons, just insert it vaginally and the ingredients (organic cocoa butter, CO2-extracted cannabis oil, and a cannabidiol (CBD) isolate) activate cannabinoid receptors. Basically it relieves cramps.” –

No… no. These suppositories are used like… SUPPOSITORIES! Not tampons. 

Is calling something a tampon sexier than calling it a suppository? What’s this breakdown in communication? Is the word “suppository” uncomfortable? I never thought so.

It’s almost funny but there’s already a lot of unfortunate confusion and misinformation about women’s health. It’s just stupid to relate the two. Sure, suppositories and tampons are both inserted into the vagina, but their functions are not related.

Tampons are cotton products that are truthfully pretty terrible but absorb menstrual blood. I’m sure if you have access to a computer or cell phone you already know that but apparently, that whole definition has surpassed the people who are trying to synthesize suppositories to “tampons.”

Cannabis suppositories are one-hundred-percent NOT tampons; they do not absorb anything, they serve to dissolve in the vagina and distributed cannabis to the mucous membrane of the vag.

Now that that’s cleared up… how does cannabis help cramps?

Cramps are contractions of the uterus that expel the uterine lining and menstrual blood. The uterus contracts and so do the surrounding muscles; lower back pain is a problem for many women before and during their period.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most well-known cannabinoids found in the beloved plant. CBD binds to CB2 receptors which regulate pain management and inflammation. CBD’s introduction to an achy and crampy body reduces the discomfort.

The specific suppositories that have been mislabeled as “tampons” are produced by FORIA. FORIA sells some bangin’ products that are designed to enhance pleasure, but back to cramp relief…

FORIA’s Relief Vaginal Suppositories are sold in four packs; each suppository delivers 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD to the mucous membrane of the vagina. They’re currently on sale for $35.20 a pack. Talk about sweet leaf relief.

For people who don’t want to shell out the money for a four pack of vaginal suppositories you can get CBD vapes, CBD edibles, CBD infused lube, or CBD oil. One woman I spoke to doesn’t ever consume THC and doesn’t like to use CBD for pains other than menstrual cramps. She noted that CBD “eases my tension and helps me relax when I’m cramping.”

There’s really no wrong to be done in the world of medicating naturally with cannabis to reduce menstrual discomfort. Just don’t call a suppository a tampon. Do better!