Alaskan Teen Murdered For Smoking Friends’ Weed

An Alaskan teen was murdered by his friends for smoking all of their weed.

David Grunwald dropped his girlfriend off at her home in Palmer, Alaska on November 13th, 2016, and left with plans to meet up with friends.

That night, allegedly, Grunwald was kidnapped by his friends, bludgeoned with a handgun, driven into the woods, and shot to death by his friends. It took almost a month for police to find the body of the 16 year old.

Erick Almandinger confessed to the murder on December 2nd, 2016, the day that Grunwald’s body was found. Almandinger, who is also 16, said that the friends were hanging out, smoking, and drinking when things become violent. According to court documents, “the only motive that Almandinger indicated was present during the event was that had smoked all his weed.”

That’s an awful serious price to pay for smoking all of your friend’s weed. Is weed super hard to get in Alaska? It’s hard to understand how smoking your friend’s weed can turn that serious. I’m betting if there hadn’t been drinking involved, there would probably not be a murder case.

If your friends smoke all your stash, avoid jail time and ask them to pay you back. It’s never that deep.