CA’s First Online Dispensary

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

The brains of Big Moon Sky translated knowledge from the luxury wine industry to bring you their straightforward, informative, online cannabis dispensary. Big Moon Sky is the first company in California to receive a State license allowing legal online delivery of cannabis. And yes, anyone who is 21+ in California can order from Big Moon Sky!

“Honestly, we were surprised at the number of people who didn’t even realize they can now buy cannabis.” – Zack Crafton, CEO


Big Moon Sky is paving the way for future online-only dispensaries. With their commitment to honesty and quality, it’s a great company to have leading the pack. Big Moon Sky offers free delivery across most of California, secure checkout, and they only carry carefully selected, locally farmed cannabis products.


The product selection is broken up into categories like the Euphoric, Couples Retreat, and Snooze collections. Big Moon Sky’s products are low-dose and broken into categories like Euphoric and Snooze- this shopping feature is perfect for someone who is hesitant to walk into a pot shop, or doesn’t know more than the general effect they desire. Likewise, Big Moon Sky’s service is ideal someone who lives in an area that has no dispensary.


Their Moon Collection is a sweet idea that would make a great gift. The kit is geared towards relieving menstrual cramps, soreness, and joint pain. It comes equipped with Treat Well ‘Wellness’ Tincture, Moxie Meds 4:1 Tincture, Sweet ReLeaf Cream, Garden Society Bliss Blossoms chocolate truffles, a BaeLeaf hand-roll, and Somatik Cold Brew cannabis-infused coffee.