CBD Lube

By Frank G. Shineman

In doing my research for this report, I visited a few different websites. My motive is to give the readers as complete a look as possible at all the pros and cons of these products. It will then be up to any interested individuals to arrive at their conclusions and determine which products will work best for them in their times of intimacy.

In one review, it was apparent that the lady was trying a CBD-infused lube, wanted a long lasting product.  Initially, she was disappointed, not so much for the lube but that she discovered that the semi-porous silicon dildos were not a good match because they dried out much quicker.  In her first experiment, a pea sized drop of the lube only lasted 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Even adding a bit of water to the lube, the slipperiness didn’t reactivate. She goes on to tell that then she switched to a stainless steel dildo. Her main reason was that she knew from past self-loving sessions that metal was friendly to lubes, without the porousness of silicon. Applying a quarter size drop of Caragold CBD infused lube to the steel dildo, it lasted 5-8 minutes. Plus there was the advantage of once adding a bit of water to the lubricant, it reactivated, and she was able to continue her self-pleasuring to an orgasmic end.

She was also disappointed in the fact the packaging of the Caragold would only state that they are “currently in testing for latex compatibility.” In layman’s terms, if your partner uses a latex condom, there are no guarantees given or implied. All in all, this tester of the Caragold CBD infused lube was very underwhelmed.

A major question we want to address is- are the cannabis lubes better than the mainstream brands? In most of our minds, when we think intimate lubricants, a lot of us think almost automatically of a national brand like K-Y. The group of testers chose 1. Foria cannabis spray(oil-based) 2.Swiss Navy- silicone based 3. Wet Naturals for Sensitive Skin(water-based) and K-Y Warming Liquid(chosen for its warming sensations).

The hands down winner was Foria. Though not a lube in the traditional sense; it is an oil based spray containing THC. It is gently sprayed on at the outset of amorous activity. In one test, it was sprayed on the mucous membrane (moist flesh) of two women’s clitoral areas. In each case, the lady testers enjoyed very intense clitoral orgasms ranging from 10-15 minutes in duration. Also, uncircumcised men sprayed it lightly on the glans of their penis(also a mucous membrane because of the foreskin’s protection). They also reported enjoying very intense pleasure. The conclusion was that circumcised men would be left out in the cold, simply because they have no mucous membrane in their genital area. Myself, personally being on the team of the “left out in the cold” refused to give in so easily. I reasoned, well, yes, it’s true that I don’t have that moist area, but what if I sprayed a tiny bit into the moist opening and what level of pleasure might I experience? It is now on my to do list.

Huffington Post has written that Foria can be sprayed on the entire vulva including the clitoris. However, all California residents must have a valid physician’s recommendation letter. For the cost of approximately $88.00 you and your lady will be off to an orgasmic nirvana.