Streaming and Smoking: The Best Combination Since Netflix and Chill

By Marieval Yebra

Leave it up to Netflix to be the next big thing when it comes to hanging out and streaming shows with your best buds. Yeah, I know, horrible joke. But none the less I’m very serious. To promote their latest show Disjointed, a new show about an elderly woman opening up her own dispensary, the movie streaming service decided to sell their own strains of medicinal marijuana.

The strains of the medicinal herb are not only inspired by Netflix’s original programming such as Arrested Development’s Banana Stand Kush, Orange is the New Black Poussey Riot, and Moon 13 inspired by Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but are also tailored for the shows themselves. This means that the comedy shows are going to be more dominant by the indica strain whereas the more dramatic shows are going to be more sativa dominant. They are all created so the smoker will not only enjoy the taste of the bomb ghanny, but enjoy the show to the fullest.

Now the only thing that could make that any better would be an automated delivery system.  Seriously think about it; you pick the movie of your choice, in this case, it would be any of the Netflix original series’ and have an option in which you would be able to order buds right from the screen. You know, like a link that would hook you up with a dispensary nearby that sold the Netflix goods. That way you, would really be able to enjoy the program to the fullest. You would not only get the strain of herb for the show you are watching, but you wouldn’t have to leave the couch. Talk about chill. You would think since Netflix is not making any profit from this since it’s pretty much just for promotional use that they would jump on the delivery band wagon and really try to live up to the hype of having a dispensary. I’m just saying: Netflix, come on! Maybe they will do another run for the next season of their newest show. One can hope. So now to the most important piece of information, when and where are these super star strains supposed to be sold…

Where is this weed going to be sold? Well, the limited edition strains, yes that’s right my fellow smokers, limited edition, will only be sold at the pop shop located in a West Hollywood dispensary from September 1st to September 3rd. So more than likely it is too late to wrap your lungs around these strains. Yeah, I know not too much of a notice but be thankful that Netflix is still with us after 20 years and let’s hope they have another strain promotion in the future and maybe just maybe they will be able to cultivate strains for shows other than Netflix originals.  So here’s to 20 years with Netflix and maybe to some more Bleuth inspired buds.