City officials violate first amendment

At the March 20, 2018 Lemon Grove City Council Meeting, community member Teresa Rosiak-Proffitt asked multiple city officials to step down. Rosiak-Proffitt, who ran for mayor in 2016, mentioned the Jerry Jones & Lydia Romero vs Marcus Bush civil rights lawsuit.

“Our city council is accountable and responsible to run our city with transparency, integrity and fiscal responsibility, and it is not happening. With respects to the lawsuit of Jerry Jones and Lydia Romero versus Marcus Bush, approximately $15,000 was paid by the city’s insurance policy because Marcus Bush said that Jones and Romero were retaliating against him for expressing his first amendment rights. Both of you do not demonstrate complete respect for the rights of every individual, and this is a concern.” – Teresa Rosiak-Proffitt

The lawsuit settlement is a concern as Lemon Grove is operating on a limited budget. The city’s money could be used for matters other than fighting lawsuits, if only the lawsuits were avoided in the first place.

Unfortunately, the city’s attempts to squelch free speech did not end with the Marcus Bush civil rights suit. In December, Lemon Grove’s attorney sent Candid Chronicle a cease and desist letter.

Likewise, in an attempt to quiet this publication, Councilman Jerry Jones reportedly has filed a police report against Candid Chronicle, citing harassment. Attempting to quiet the press is an infringement of first amendment rights.

The first amendment houses freedom of speech, which protects individuals like Marcus Bush; freedom of speech is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint. The first amendment also houses Freedom of the press, the right to circulate without censorship by the government, which protects Candid Chronicle.


By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

Featured photo via lawschoolnotes