CO Tech Innovator Unveils Eco-Friendly Extraction System

A Colorado cannabis technology company has debuted a new solventless extraction system designed to maximize efficiency and reduce costs.

On Thursday, December 9, Arvada-based Boulder Creek Technologies (BCT) announced nationwide availability for its revolutionary Vapor-Static Extraction (VSE) system.

BCT says the new system provides a turnkey solution for distillation-ready concentrate production through an all-in-one, continuous process to convert biomass to oil.

According to BCT, the process begins by heating biomass to generate vapor.

The system then cools the vapor into a fog and activates an electrostatic charge, similar to industrial emission pollution control methods, to produce a distillation-ready concentrate.

BCT says the concentrate is free of sugars and chlorophyll and has low wax content.

BCT CEO Rick Bonde says the VSE method is what the cannabis industry needs because it improves safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

“With a top extraction efficiency of 90% and only needing one operator to use, Vapor-Static Extraction has a compact footprint that’s designed to scale,” says Bonde. “The concentrated oil created may not require winterization, and compostable biomass further reduces costs for operators.”

According to BCT, the system’s production capabilities range from 100 pounds of biomass per day to more than 5,000 pounds.

BCT offers various models for craft extractors and multistate operators depending on a manufacturer’s needs.