Colorado Hemp Honey Maker Supports Veterans To Farmers Program

Colorado Hemp Honey producer Frangiosa Farms has announced its commitment to helping veterans across the nation make the transition from protector-to-provider through the Denver-based Veterans to Farmers program.

Founded in 2009, Veterans to Farmers is a non-profit program that provides veterans with essential assistance and training in agriculture, technology, and business operations to help them become providers and live more rewarding and sustainable lifestyles.

Frangiosa Farms founder and CEO Nick French has been involved with Veterans to Farmers since 2013 and relates to the organization as both a veteran and a farmer.

“I feel a solid connection to my brother and sister veterans, which is why I am donating 10 cents from every jar of Colorado Hemp Honey that we sell to the Veterans to Farmers program,” says French. “We want to make a difference and help veterans earn college credits and valuable skills that lead to jobs.”

French grew up on a small farm in Northwestern Ohio growing beans, corn, and wheat before joining the United States Marine Corps for five years and spending much time overseas.

When French returned to the family farm close to 12 years ago, he learned beekeeping skills which he currently uses to manage around 150 bee colonies on multiple rural farms south of Denver.

Frangiosa recently donated $10,000 to Veterans to Farmers during its annual charity fundraiser held at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield Farms.

Veterans to Farmers executive director Rich Murphy says that there are hundreds of veterans waiting to join the program and that support from Frangiosa Farms and Colorado Hemp Honey will go far and help train veterans in food and agriculture.