Confessions of a Home Grow: Planting Germinated Seeds

By Jay Marsh

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Twitter: @ConfessHomeGrow

Terp Smoothie Germinated Seed

Yea!!! We have germinated seeds. It turns out that all of the seeds I selected to germinate are doing very well. Sometimes when germinating seeds, not all will sprout; do not be dismayed this is a normal process with seeds. Now that you have sprouted seeds we will need to plant them.

My preferred method is to use disposable plastic party cups; you will want to poke several small holes in the bottom of the cup to allow water to drain fully. These are a great way to start plants because it allows a lot of room for the roots to grow. For our journey on this grow I had several Jiffy Peat Pots and decided to use those.

Now you’re wondering; ‘what about the soil?!’ I LOVE LOVE LOVE – Fox Farms Organic Ocean Forest® potting soil. The quality of the soil is amazing! This soil is perfect for containers as it is everything your plants need, in one bag; it’s a premium blend of earthworm castings, bat guano, sea-going fish, and crab meal. This soil is light and aerated so there is no need for immediate fertilization or nutrients. Fill your cup with soil, DO NOT pack your soil tight. Cannabis loves loose, well-aerated soil. Using a pencil, poke a small hole for your seed. It only needs to be placed about ¼ inch into the soil. Cover your seed with soil and lightly water.

TIP: When transplanting your seeds use tweezers to safely pick up and move your seeds. Place the seed with the sprouted root down and the seed pointing up to the sky. Once you have transplanted your seeds place them in a Humidome. I have created my own out of a small clear plastic storage container (drill several small holes to allow air flow), and a 100 Watt LED Full Spectrum light. You will want to keep the soil moist, but not soaking wet. When sprouting seedlings, I use 18/6 light rule. That means you will need a plug in timer set to be ON for 18 hours and OFF for 6 hours. It is important to cell growth to have proper rest – that means FULL darkness.

Remember to keep track of your seeds with proper labeling and dating.
Don’t forget to speak positively to your plants every day, tell them how well they are growing and how beautiful they are! ☺


Seeds in Humidome

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Terp Smoothie Germinated Seed

Seeds in Peat Pot with labeling underneath