Confessions of a Home Grow

By Jay Marsh

IG: @confessionsofahomegrow

Twitter: @ConfessHomeGrow

Getting Started. This sounds like a very daunting task… where to start?

I started by ordering quality seeds from a local vendor, Seed Vault. I chose to purchase seeds because I wanted to have a healthy beginning to our journey. You want to select a strain that you may already frequently enjoy. I have selected Terp Smoothie, this is a sativa dominant hybrid (70/30) with a 60-70 day harvest window. I also have two seeds I found in a recent purchase of Calico Jack, these seeds were a nice dark brown with marbling. One thing to keep in mind when selecting seeds is how much growing space you have available; Indica strains grow short and fat while Sativa strains grow tall and thin.

Terp Smoothie Seedlings.

Now that my seeds have arrived we must germinate them. Seed germination can be induced with air, moisture, and heat. There are many methods to this, many are technical, but I went old school southern style. 1 zip-lock bag, 1 moist paper towel; place the seeds on the moist paper towel, fold over and place in the zip-lock bag, seal the bag leaving a 1 inch opening for air flow. Please ensure your paper towel isn’t too wet! Place your seeds in a warm location that receives indirect light. I have placed mine in my garage window as the temperature remains around 76-80 F daily. Most seed germination takes 24-72 hours. Once you see the seed start to split (open) or the seed has sprouted we are ready to transplant into our growing medium.



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