Confessions of a Home Grow: Vegetative Growth

By Jay Marsh

IG: @confessionsofahomegrow

Featured photo: Terp Smoothie 1st week of vegetative growth plants are around 4”-6” tall.

Our little plants are growing so fast! It only took them about 1.5 weeks to outgrow their little pots. It is now time to place them in their final pot and location. I have selected what I think is the easiest, cheapest, and best way to grow any plant; a felt/fabric pot. I found my 5-gallon pots with handles (very useful!) on Amazon ($6.99). You will need more of your Fox Farms organic soil and perlite; you can do a 1:1 ratio or a 2:1; I have selected the 2:1. I will also add in ½ cup of Dr. Earth Home Grow Organic tomato fertilizer. Mix the soil well then add you plant gently in the middle of the pot. Make sure to fill your pot all the way to the top, the soil will settle as you water; DO NOT PACK SOIL. I love to also shake some diatomaceous earth on top of the soil. I made a shaker out of an old cinnamon spice bottle, it works perfectly! Diatomaceous earth has so many uses, its worth a google.
Once you have them all potted (hehe). Give them a light watering around the plant root base. I judge it by looking down on the leaves and pouring around the leaves as if it is natural rain falling off the leaves, but do not water the leaves. This will promote the roots to grow out toward the moist soil. This is always the best technique to not over water when re-potting a plant. If you water at the trunk/stem, the plant it will have slower rooting.
Now place them back into your tent, with your lights on for 18 hours of daylight and 6 hours of night. Because my tent is long I want to make sure I have adequate light coverage, so I will be using 2 600-Watt LED lights placed about 10-12 inches above the plants. My lights have a VEG mode, so I have kept them on that as to not stress them out. Keep your tent warm 72 – 78(80 max) and the humidity at 60 %.
Additionally, you will note that I have 1 Calico Jack in a much larger pot, it is in a 10-gallon pot. My plan is to let it grow outside once it is a little bigger.

Calico Jacks on the left and Terp Smoothies on the right.