Connecticut Launches Legal Cannabis Info Website

On the heels of statewide cannabis legalization, Connecticut has launched an informational website to keep residents up to date on policies and regulations.

On June 22, Governor New Lamont signed Senate Bill 120, legalizing adult-use cannabis in Connecticut.

The law went into effect on July 1.

Forward Progress

Governor Lamont says the passage of the new law is an important step forward in ending the drug war, allowing adults to legally possess and consume cannabis in Connecticut.

“Now begins the important work of standing up a fair, well-regulated marketplace for businesses and consumers that prioritizes public health, safety, and social equity,” says Governor Lamont. “We know the public will have a lot of questions about this process in the coming months, and this website will be an important resource for people who have questions about the new law or who might be interested in starting a new business in this market.”

While adults over 21 can now legally possess and consume cannabis in Connecticut, not all facets of the new law have gone into effect.

Currently, there are no licensed retail outlets that sell adult-use cannabis products.

According to the Governor’s Office, retail sales will not begin until the end of 2022 and will have very specific licensing and social equity requirements.

Up-To-Date Information

Governor Lamont says the new website will provide Connecticut residents with current information on the licensing process.

Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle Seagull says many people are excited and enthusiastic about participating in Connecticut’s new cannabis marketplace.

“This new website will be an important resource for consumers and interested business owners,” says Seagull. “We will continue to provide information about the licensing and application process as it becomes available, and we are committed to a clear and transparent process.”

The Governor’s Office says Connecticut residents should check the website for regular updates on the Social Equity Council, business license applications, public health and safety information, and frequently asked questions regarding the new law.