Dab To The Future

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

YouTube: Lucid’s Vlog

The rules for the regular, local cannabis events that patients in California have grown accustomed to are about to change when the clock strikes midnight tonight, and organizers have been throwing together as many seshes as they can to take advantage of the old rules before 2017 completely winds down.

On Saturday, December 30, the Dab To The Future sesh filled the Sunset Temple in North Park with a diverse array of cannabis vendors, live entertainment, and a crowd eager for the night’s year-end festivities. Model-entrepreneur, Angela Mazzanti was on-hand to host the evening event, tossing out various freebies, playing stoner games with the crowd, and performing a selection of her music.

In the main entryway of the temple, a literal wall of free non-medicated donuts arranged to form the letters ‘THC’ greeted attendees in a colorful array of icing and sprinkles. Sesh-goers could be found chowing down on the sweet confections throughout the night in-between the constant assortment of dabs, joints, and blunts that they were inhaling.

On the main floor, vendor tables filled the perimeter of the room and well as a hub in the center, offering their best flower, concentrates, edibles, accessories, and clothing. The She’s So Waxy table served up various sizes of cannabis syrup pour-ups in double styrofoam cups on one side of the hall, while workers in the non-medicated Gnarly Nachos booth doled out heaps of savory toppings onto piles of tortilla chips on the other.

On the second floor, Kushy Punch, Mutant Genetics, and Do The Dab Extracts were among the circle of booths set up there, offering dabs samples and an assortment of cannabis products and attire. On one side of the floor, a balcony overlooked the main hall and provided views of the performers onstage.

DJ Birdy Bird kept the music flowing throughout the night from his booth on the stage and spun backup tracks for the assortment of hip-hop and reggae vocalists performing. Courtesy of Ackrte Music Group, Kxing Crooked, Young Gully, Speakerboxxx, and Teddy Benson were a few of the artists that took the microphone to entertain the crowd.

In-between performers, hostess Angela Mazzanti, threw a seemingly endless barrage of free cannabis products, stickers, and patches out to the crowd and played various games for prizes. A lit joint toss and a ½ gram dab-off were a couple of the competitions that were held for different cannabis prizes, and pillows bearing one of the vendor’s logos.

Toward the end of the evening, Mazzanti announced the results of the sesh’s competition and handed out trophies to winners in categories like best booth and best preroll. After accepting the preroll trophy, the winner tossed a couple of generous handfuls of his ‘naturally-enhanced THC’ Fatty’s joints into the crowd.

The mad rush of final cannabis events of 2017 is almost over, and the new year will bring rules that will shake up the community in the short term at the very least. Some year-end events like the San Diego Cannabis Farmer’s Market have already felt the pressure as a CBD Edition of their sesh which included a toy, clothing, and food drive was planned for New Year’s Eve, but organizers canceled the gathering ahead of time fearing a possible raid by the SDPD Narcotics Division.

As 2018 comes marching in, ‘Dab To The Future’ might be a battle cry for the cannabis community as much as it is a chance to come together with friends and medicate. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding local seshes, but organizers have made it clear that whatever happens in the new year, they’ll find a way to continue one way or the other.

We don’t need roads where we’re going.