Dates For 3D Virtual Cannabis Conference Announced

The dates for a 3D virtual cannabis conference have been revealed.

Cannabis content publisher Cannabis and Tech Today (CATT) on Thursday announced that the Spring 2021 EMERGE Virtual Cannabis Conference will take place March 30-April 1.

The upcoming event is the third installment of the conference, which previously took place in September and December 2020.

The event offers an opportunity to network with experts, gain new insights, and learn more about the cannabis industry.

With personalized avatars, attendees can stroll the event floor, enter auditoriums, visit booths, view demos, watch keynote speakers, and attend more than 30 webinars and panel discussions.

Conference-goers can also interact with other attendees and even exchange digital business cards.

“We are delighted to welcome a targeted group of exhibitors and sponsors form the cannabis industry, to match with our select group of attendees,” says CATT Editor in Chief Charles Warner. “Our attendees will be treated to a ‘life-like,’ customizable, navigable booth experience, where avatars interact with more than 50 exhibitors. We’ve created an event that provides a place for the industry to unify, and to share thoughts and ideas in an enjoyable and productive way, virtually.”

The focus of next week’s conference will be cultivation and its sustainability, with tracks in Cultivation and Manufacturing, Science and Technology, and Business and Retail.

Among the speakers at the conference will be Montel Williams, Salvador Santana, and Dr. Chanda Macias, Ph.D.

Previous celebrity headliners included David Crosby, Jim Belushi, Snoop Dogg, Julian Marley, and Berner.

Todd Rosales of the Elevate Your Grind podcast will be the MC for next week’s conference.

“EMERGE is a virtual reality ecosystem, that lives and breathes within the cannabis industry and culture,” says EMERGE Co-Producer Andre Bourque. “For over 90-days after the conference, we will continue to host organizational meetings, day-long workshops, and product launches, all culminating in a consistent flow of thousands of opportunities for collaboration and business ventures.”

Anyone wishing to attend may purchase tickets at the EMERGE website.