Desert Daze Dusty Haze

By Cara Anderson

IG: @carajojo

When we arrived, there was some confusion among staff members about where Jayna and I should enter for our press passes. I saw a man wheeling past on what looked like a souped-up go-kart and attempted to ask him for directions. He introduced himself as the Art Director of Desert Daze and told me to go into the festival and see why he was running around like a mad man currently. 

Desert Daze was filled with cute trendy people from LA, then half of the time it felt like I was walking through Mad Max. Lots of bandanas, overalls/work pants that have never seen a workshop, and glitter. Walking around in a crowded desert festival is like stepping through a dusty litter box; there were a good amount of people wearing heels, but you just have to let idiots be idiots.

At one point, I was sitting on a rock by the port-o-potties and a very lucid lady approached me. She wanted to let me know that I was wearing red. She implored that her boyfriend take a photo of me, which prompted him to realize that he’d lost his camera, so he wandered away. The girl sat in the dust in front of me, still talking about red. She took a photo of me on her iPhone “It looks different in the photo, but I want you to see that you’re wearing red! You have on a red dress, red lipstick, and a red chili pepper necklace.” Seriously. I suppose, again, let people live…

Other great quotes that I heard during the festival:

  • “I am in my body, and I am me.”
  • “When reality hit, the whole deal changed for me.”
  • “We’re all puppies.”
  • “PLUR: Peace, Love, You’re a Douche.”
  • “Yeah, I’ve had a lot of problems with my parents growing up…”
  • “Did you bring this pendulum for the festival or do you always carry this?”
  • “The last thing I want is more dust in my nose.”
  • “Do you want to hold one of my crystals?”
  • “Iggy Pop is really healthy.”

I hope everyone’s brain is recovering…

The festival was filled with vendors; Lizzy Jeff, Snakeroot Apothecary, The End and Moonwind Trading Co to name a few. The Institute’s grounds were peppered with outdoor living room set ups. Most of the other art installations reminded me of attending Tyler University undergrad art shows for free wine. One I’m looking forward to seeing the end product was a confession booth and telephone booth set up by Super Deluxe.

La Femme was beyond expectation; read our interview with them. I literally yawned five times during SLEEP’s set, and I’m sorry if you’re a huge fan, I’m not discrediting the old stoner metal guys… I was tired. John Cale was strange and beautiful, and he played a tribute of “I’m Waiting for My Man.” Iggy Pop’s set had me wanting to make out with someone, I didn’t, but he is powerful. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith captivated me as I was walking by and I stayed to soak it up.

Petyr played a daytime set. Riley, Joose, Holland, and Slurk somehow survived the weekend to play Sunday and covered a Flower Travellin’ Band song. I hold a firm belief that their drummer is an alien.

My favorite performance was by Allah-Las. They’re one of the bands that I listen to when doing tedious things like laying out the Candid Chronicle. I’ve never been emotionally moved by their music before but I was alone in the crowd and I most definitely cried.

Don’t You Forget it

“Cause when the summertime leaves your town
You know you ain’t gonna find me around
I’ll be out there to follow the sun
No I ain’t gonna take no one”