La Femme Talks Shit

Interview By Twig Twigs: Jayna & Cara

Jayna’s IG: @snowleoppy

Cara’s IG: @carajojo

Twig Twins sat down with Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée of La Femme before their set at Desert Daze Festival in Joshua Tree. Sacha- guitar and Marlon- keyboard/vocals are the originating members of the French psych band. At first, we were paired up to interview Sacha and then Marlon came in hot and popped a squat with us, too.

Marlon is sassy as hell, he appeared to have mentally checked out of the conversation at a point. Sachon is stoic until a camera is pointed at him, also seems to enjoy talking about poop.

The other members of La Femme are total babe Clémence Quélennec- vocals, Nunez Ritter- percussions and Noé Delmas- drummer.

Cara: You smoke right?

Sacha: Yeah we do everything

Marlon: I don’t get fucked in the ass, right, yet, but I take everything.

Cara: What’s the weed like in France compared to here?

Marlon: Uhh, it’s good, there is less choice.

Sacha: Here I think there is too much choice. We don’t give a fuck. Even like indica sativa, for me, there is no difference. At the end of six spliffs, you are too much high. You know sometimes I have my box of sativa my box of indica, and now after five day, I just don’t give a fuck, and I mix all the weed in one box. In France, you don’t give a fuck. You just want to smoke weed. Here I think with all this choice I become super fucking picky.

Jayna: Oh, yeah.

Sacha: One time I buy weed for a Californian dude in Paris, and he was upset because he didn’t have choice, you know?

Cara: When I was in Paris they were calling it “shit,” right? Maybe that was the only thing I could find.

Marlon: Yes they have that a lot.

Sacha: It comes from Morocco.

Cara: We call it middies, mids, schwag.

Marlon: You call it shwag?

Jayna: Bad weed.

Sacha: Oh, but sometimes it’s good, it’s not like too much, it’s more like smoke the weed and chill..

Jayna: It’s mellow. Sometimes you smoke the stuff here and have two hits and you’re done.

Cara: Do you guys know about the vortices here?

Marlon: The what?

Cara: Like a vortex.

Marlon: No, tell me.

Jayna: So, there are vortexes here on this site, they’re electromagnetic fields with high levels of energy. This area is supposed to be a spiritual healing site…

Sacha: Oui?

Marlon: You can take some acid there? Is that what you mean?

Jayna: I think it would be crazy.

Cara: Could be really good.

Sacha: Here it is a vortex?

Cara: Yes, there are 18 of them here.

Jayna: Curious if you felt any of that, I know you just got here today, but I’m also curious how it feels with everybody.

Sacha: I don’t feel the vortex, but I feel the vibes. There is a lot of vibes, and I can tell a lot of people come for vibes. Every people was nice, I was in the little car, and everybody say “hello” and “hi.”

Jayna: Super positive. You guys are excited to be here?

Sacha: Very. I feel it’s going to be the same epic as Psych Fest in Austin.

Jayna: How do you feel about playing festivals? Do you guys prefer to play in venues

Marlon: Depends on festival; festivals can be really random like, you know, only the publicity of commercial stuff.

Sacha: Festival we love it but usually, we just hang out backstage we never go to the festival. We go backstage and stay in the dressing room for mainstream festival but this kind of festival with like cool people, cool music, and shit, we going to hang out in the festival. We are just sad because we leave tonight.

Cara: Ah, where do you go tomorrow?

Marlon: San Francisco.

Jayna: Oh okay, playing a show there. Nice!

Cara: Are you looking forward to seeing anybody particular tonight?

Sacha: No! I don’t know the band can you tell me the band?

Marlon: I want to see Iggy but…

Cara: We’re from Philadelphia, Kurt Vile is from Philadelphia too, he’s playing with Courtney Barnett, and she’s amazing. That’s tonight.

Sacha: My friend play in that band called Triptides but uhh…

Cara: Are they from France too?

Sacha: No, they’re from here.

Jayna: John Maus is really good, that’s who I’m looking forward to. They play right after you, I think.

Sacha: Tomorrow I think is the best, John Cale, Iggy Pop.

Jayna: Sleep.

Sacha: Yeah. What thefuck. Tomorrow the best day. Why tomorrow they put up the best bands?

Cara: Cancel everything, stay here, that’s it… Have you guys seen any shapeshifters yet? Aliens that disguise themselves as people.

Marlon: Aliens? Like real aliens or people who act like aliens?

Cara:  Aliens that act like people.

Marlon: Uhhh, like you think aliens send some human? These people are in Earth, born in Earth, even if they say they are aliens… they are born in Earth right?

Cara: Maybe…?

Marlon: Are you talking about a real alien who is not born in Earth and just come now?

Cara: Ok, yeah.

Marlon : You think there is?

Cara: Yes.

Marlon: Yeah, of course, there is intelligence.

Jayna: Out here in the desert people claim to see a lot of aliens.

Marlon: But why they fucking care?

Jayna: Good question.

Marlon: Maybe because they have peace here, nobody is here.

Cara: Maybe to study us?

Jayna: We don’t know, keep your eye out for aliens, that’s the thing. People out here see a lot of UFOs. We live out here.

Marlon: Oh oh.

Sacha: Really? Cool! Here is Joshua Tree?

Cara: Yes, then there’s 29 Palms down the road.

Jayna: It’s just desert.

Sacha: There is a town right? Like Joshua Tree town.

Jayna: It’s like one block, it’s so small.

Sacha: And there 7:00 Dick Dale

Cara: Dick Dale?

Sacha: Like famous guitar player.

Jayna: Oh, yes!

Sacha: And there is beautiful men and beautiful girls?

Jayna: Kind of…

Sacha: It’s smaller, yeah? Everybody dates the same person?

Jayna: That’s everywhere, though. Even in LA, everyone dates each other

Cara: I haven’t tried dating out here, I just moved here, but there’s a big marine base so it’s weird.

Marlon: And they need to fuck.

Jayna: Okay so another question. If you could put on an invisibility cloak right now, what would you do? 24 hours with an invisibility cloak.

Marlon: I think I will go to my ex-girlfriend place and stuff like this…

Jayna: And snoop around?

Marlon: Yeah!

Jayna: Anything else? What about you?

Sacha: Good question, I have to think about it… I think I will put dick slap on Liam Gallagher. Put some shit in his tea or something.

Cara: Who inspired Elle Ne T’aime Pas?

Sacha: Nothing, no.

Marlon: Like, my organ inspired me. I played my organ, I play, and that’s it.

Cara: Are the rumors about your tattoo real?

Marlon: My tattoo? No, they’re all fake. I don’t have any tattoo!

Cara: I read that you have a lower back tattoo of a butterfly. It’s not true?

Marlon: Me? I never did that, even fake tattoo I never did that.

Cara: I guess that clears it up.

Jayna: So… What color is your mood right now?

Sacha: Kind of brown…

Cara and Jayna in Unison:  Brown?

Marlon: Maybe is the same color of your top. (To Jayna)

Jayna: Lime!

Marlon: It’s lime? Okay.

Cara: Is brown a mix of emotions or …

Marlon: Brown like your shit.

Jayna: Yeah, we are right by the bathroom.

Sacha: Brown like the amount of poo of all the festival.

Jayna: Do you guys get nervous before you go onstage? How is that energy compared to recording or making music at home?

Sacha: Pfff, I don’t know because we tour a lot. I think me, I am not too much nervous, but I think Clémence is nervous a lot. I just have a few drink, you know, a bit of weed, you know. Not too much.

Cara: Don’t want to get too loose?

Sacha: I mean sometimes I am, and I think it’s good.

Cara: What do you drink before you play?

Sacha: Any kind of stuff.

Jayna: Whatever they hand you.

Sacha: Yeah, not too much beer because it makes me want to pee onstage.

Cara: Have you ever peed your pants onstage?

Sacha: Peed my pants? No. Hopefully no.

Jayna: She has the best questions.

Cara: What do you guys think about Trump?

Marlon: I think he’s a good President and he can do great stuff.

Jayna: Interview is over.

Cara: We are leaving the festival now.

Marlon: What do you want, he’s a bad guy!

Jayna: Do you guys listen to rap?

Sacha: Yeah, but I’m more like a Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, and Necro.

Jayna: If you could date any cartoon character who would you date?

Sacha: Maybe the rabbit girl in the…

Jayna: Jessica Rabbit?

Sacha: No, in Space Jam! You know that movie? I think I was in love with her.

Jayna: Yes, she’s pretty hot. Lola Bunny? I think I would date her too.

Sacha: Yeah, I love that movie when I was kid. Maybe Roger Rabbit’s girl, too.

Marlon: I like fantasy shit  but I don’t know. I just took a selfie.

Jayna: Are you DM’ing it to someone..just kidding. So you’re touring a lot. In France and here?

Sacha: Yeah, we were in Texas before.

Jayna: What’s up with Texas?

Sacha: It’s huge. The food is not amazing, but it’s like… US food. If it’s Tex Mex stuff, it’s good. Before, we were in Mexico, so I was sick. I poo like six times when I came to Austin. Every time I go out it made me sick.

Jayna: How would you describe the energy difference in Mexico?

Sacha: It’s totally different. I think the crowd in Mexico they are not like, I don’t know, they go crazy.

Cara: They go off?

Sacha: They just want to go crazy and have fun, you know?

Cara: How is it when you’re performing and people are afraid to dance and move?

Sacha: I mean the worst is when there is always this guy who is like in the festival- in the middle- in front of you and he’s just standing like that with his phone. He hates it, but he wants to see it and say he see it. But he hates the band. It makes me uncomfortable. Like, go back, let the people who have fun in front!

Jayna: For sure.

Cara: Then he posts on Instagram like “I was front row!”

Sacha: Yeah! Yeah, yeah. It’s crazy.

Jayna: Would you guys ever consider being reality TV stars?

Marlon: I had a big concept three days ago; not about us but about organizator concept. Like the best tour manager, you have ten tour manager, and they have to to be the best tour manager.

Sacha: But maybe the worst party people. You know, the cream of the cream, you put them in GoPro in the party and you put them together and see what happen. The most raging people, we all know raging people, crazy, I think it could be funny.

Marlon: Let’s have a look around, let’s not stay by the toilets… Want to see our tour bus?

Jayna: Um, sure, wait. No.

We walked upstairs towards the rest of the band so Sacha and Marlon could show off their elegant poses for the rest of the press.

Their music is upbeat and energizing. We’ve been into their music, but their live performance really popped off despite the dust clouds entrenching the stage.

Marlon hyped people up, made the crowd laugh, delivered warm and powerful vocals, and crowd surfed. Sacha is a low-key and he rips. Nunez threw in some improv and then eventually stuck the whole mic head in his mouth. Clémence is effortless, either Sacha was wrong about her nerves or she’s simply nice at acting. Our favorites that they played were Nous Étions Deux and their closing song Antitaxi. Antitaxi infused us with an amount of energy that made us feel like we were teenagers leaving an underground party in Philly again.