Jeff Houkal Launches INVINCIBOWL The Unbreakable Bowl for Bongs

Actor, Inventor, mechanical engineer, and Xymetric LLC CEO Jeff Houkal recently launched what is billed as the world’s most innovative, unbreakable and shatterproof bowl for bong smokers around the world.

While conducting an interview with TNMnews30 at the Cannabis Café in West Hollywood, CA Jeff and Gloria Houkal described, demonstrated and touted the unique durability of the Invincibowl as well its ability to keep bong water crystal clean and its ease of cleaning in between uses.

The TNM News 30 interviewers Todd and Chris also tested this unique bowl accessory and provided very high marks and praise of the Invincibowl’s design, ease of use and unique aluminum and stainless steel materials used to manufacture the Invincibowl.

The inventor of the Invincibowl Jeff touted the bowls’ ability to keep your bong water clean throughout the duration of your smoking experience and praised the Invincibowl’s ability to give the end-user one of the cleanest smoking experience possible while using his bowl.

Jeff states that “He enjoys creating meaningful and innovative products to enhance the smoking experience for cannabis users around the world, the Invincibowl can be customized with colors as well as business or brand logos to enhance the user experience.”

Invincibowl’s are currently available online and in select Long Beach, West Hollywood and Los Angeles dispensaries locations.