Dog The CBD Hunter Unleashed

With the growing number of people in the modern cannabis industry that make cannabidiol (CBD) products for pets, a Dog will soon be creating CBD products for people.

Hemp-based CBD producer CBD Global Sciences (CBD Global) on Tuesday announced the finalization of an agreement with famed reality show criminal catcher Dog the Bounty Hunter to produce a CBD product line under the name “Dog Unleashed.”

CBD Global currently owns two product categories under the Aethics and Cannaoil brand names.

According to CBD Global, the new product launch will coincide with the fourth airing of a television docudrama, “Dog Unleashed,” sometime in Q2 2021 on a subscription-based app and streaming online.

CBD Global says that the new robust line of CBD products will focus on multiple ailments in the human body using a holistic approach.

Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, expressed a desire to help the people around him suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and other ailments after being introduced to Aethics CBD.

Chapman was impressed by the brand’s efficacy and delivery methods for CBD across multiple product lines.

“I have been approached by many CBD companies over the past 24-months, and CBD Global Sciences has exceeded my expectations as the right company to deliver a quality product to my followers, something that will actually work and help them feel better,” says Chapman. “I was introduced to Cannabis during my wife’s battle with cancer and can speak to how it assisted her in pain management and other aspects of the battle that she endured.”

Chapman says that in getting to know the Global Sciences team, he found comfort in the fact that he could share CBD products with his six million fans with the confidence that they would be thoroughly pleased with their purchases.

Chapman says that CBD has calmed his anxiety, which he experiences daily in his bounty hunting, and allowed him to recover from bumps and bruises without any psychoactive effects impairing his ability to function properly or think clearly.

“I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with Dog and Francie on this CBD project,” says CBD Global CEO Brad Wyatt. “And look forward to helping them spread the word about the positive impact of CBD on the human body.”

According to CBD Global, the Dog Unleashed CBD product line will roll out in Q1 2021.

The sales platform for Dog Unleashed CBD products is set to launch by the end of December 2020.