Dosist Celebrates Pride Month and New Concept Store

Dosist is celebrating two things this June; Pride Month and the opening of their second location in Los Angeles. The new brick and mortar concept store, located at 8018 W Third St in Los Angeles, opened officially on Thursday, June 7, 2019

In celebration of pride month, dosist is donating 25% of net proceeds from their storefronts and other participating retailers to local organizations to support equality, LGBTQ+ rights, and the Pride community.

Entering dosist’s Third Street storefront is a stimulating, unintimidating experience. Shoppers must present a valid ID at the door and are welcomed by dosist’s team of smiling faces into the low-pressure environment.

Inside, the shop is bright and welcoming to consumers looking to grasp a deeper understanding of the formulas that dosist offers. The dosist formulas are named after the effects they deliver; arouse, bliss, calm, passion, relief, and sleep. If the name isn’t enough, each formula is displayed with a break down of the terpenes and the effects to expect from a puff.

Dosist’s disposable vape pens vibrate when a user inhales one dose, or 2.25 mg. Dosist pens come in 50 dose and 200 dose options. The pens are named after the desired feeling, with formulas ranging in potency from a 10:1 CBD-to-THC pen to a 11:1 THC-to-CBD.

The dose pens themselves are made from recyclable medical grade plastic. Dosist offers a recycling program; when the dose pen is finished, you can return to pen to the storefront or dispensary and receive $5 towards your next dosist purchase.
Photograph in featured image by Roger Davies, via @dosist.