Eliza Maroney: The Cannabis Yogi

By Marylyn Simpson

Eliza Maroney is not your average yogi. It doesn’t take more than attending one of her Bend + Blaze yoga classes to see, or smell, why her classes are different from the rest. Incorporating cannabis into her flow has set this San Francisco-based yogi apart from her peers and the industry is beginning to take notice.

A passionate activist in the cannabis community, Eliza has spent the better part of a decade honing her craft as a certified yoga instructor and dance teacher throughout the Bay Area. Her passion for holistic plant medicine and yoga was ignited when she personally experienced its benefits after years of suffering from anxiety and depression.

In 2016, Eliza created Bend + Blaze, a class where yogis could openly ingest cannabis before beginning their vinyasa flow. Since then, Bend + Blaze has become a favorite monthly gathering of open-minded individuals seeking relief from mental and physical stress in a warm and welcoming environment.

Maroney has studied various forms of yoga. From Yin, to Iyengar, Bikram and Vinyasa, with world-renowned teachers who have dedicated their lives to their practice. Being the co-owner of a cannabis platform, Lucky Box Club, a luxury cannabis subscription delivery service, Eliza prides herself in discovering the highest quality brands and products, and bringing Lucky Box to new patients and consumers with her classes.

Eliza is based in Northern California, but can be found all over California and country, as she continues to make meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and educate new patients about the benefits of cannabis. Recently, Eliza has partnered with the prestigious Soho House to teach private classes to some of the country’s most influential yogis.

Bend + Blaze is hosted monthly throughout Los Angeles and San Francisco. Every class includes a Lucky Box filled with cannabis products like pre-rolls, vape pens and tinctures. To attend a class, request hi-res images or an interview with Eliza, please contact Marylyn Simpson at Marylyn@kipmorrison.com.

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