Fallon Bans Recreational Sales

By Benjie Cooper

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When Nevada voters passed Question 2 on the 2016 ballot, they legalized adult-use marijuana across the state. Retail sales began in mid-2017, but recreational cannabis shops still aren’t allowed where local jurisdictions decide they don’t want them.

In a meeting held Tuesday, the Fallon City Council voted to move toward banning recreational cannabis sales in their community. Fallon, which was used in the 1989 Fred Savage movie The Wizard, is located in a rural area of northern Nevada and is home to an annual cantaloupe festival, and a Naval Air Station.

With Tuesday’s vote, the council directed staff to draft an ordinance the prohibits the zoning of any facility used for the cultivation, testing, distribution, or sale of adult-use cannabis.

The council cited lack of supporting county votes, the effects on users and surrounding people, and marijuana’s Schedule I status as primary reasons for implementing the ban.

“It’s a troubling situation, and it’s complex,” said Councilman Bob Erickson in an interview with Nevada Appeal. “The issue needs to be resolved in a federal level—regulated by states or continue to be a scheduled one. Whether it’s addictive or harmful, the science behind it is debatable. But I think my concern was the legal status of it and whether or not we should have it in the community and have it resolved at the federal level.”

Fifty-nine percent of Churchill county and fifty-four percent of Fallon voters voted against Prop 2 in 2016.

The council is set to review the staff’s proposal at a meeting on May 15. Medicinal cannabis will be unaffected by the ordinance.