Year of Events for Farmers Cup, Immediately Valentine’s Edition — All Edibles

Press Release: Year of Events for Farmers Cup, Immediately Valentine’s Edition — All Edibles!

Pick-Up: Cookies Mission Valley, San Diego

  • Judge Kit Pick-Up is immediately before Valentine’s Day Weekend of February 14th 2022 (Valentines Weekend)

Awards Ceremony: To be announced.

  • Farmers Cup Awards Ceremony will be Announced Closer to 2/27/22 as the location details are too exciting to post yet.

Events coming for Farmers Cup in 2022

The San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market & the Farmers Cup has a year packed full of events, and the team is building up to support the industry of Cannabis moving into San Diego and San Diego county. We are here as a licensed cannabis event company to serve small businesses reach marketing goals in San Diego; and help the community discover the best products in California’s recreational cannabis industry. We will be announcing our Contestants, Sponsors and details via Instagram @FarmersCupOfficial & so stay tuned to be included in the know on the first ever licensed cannabis, edibles Only cannabis cup.

2022 Farmers Cup event series:

  1. Farmers Cup Valentines Day edition with all edibles (1 category is beverages!)
  2. Farmers Cup 4/20 Edition with various categories
  3. Farmers Cup 710 Edition with all concentrates
  4. Farmers Cup Harvest Edition at the end of the year
  5. Earth Day is coming up 4/23/22 with a Cannabis Row section where the winners of the 4/20 Farmers Cup will be announced LIVE on stage! We expect to have 65,000 guests this year for the Balboa Park Earth day event. 

The faces you make when you know you are single for Farmers Cup Valentines edition

Farmers Cup Valentines Edition (All Edibles)

Cannabis brands can join us for the Valentines Edition of the Farmers Cup series as a contestant in 6 categories including: Beverages; Chocolate Candy; Non-Chocolate; Sweet Baked Products; Savory; and Healthy categories. Each category will have 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The trophies will have the brand name, logo and the product name etched into a crystal block trophy. Additionally, each category has four trophies for Best Appearance, Best Aroma, Best Flavor, and Best Effect, which will be etched into a wooden trophy with logo, brand name and product. Please contact for all the details. 

Some benefits of being a Farmers Cup contestant:

  • Free Lab test from Think20 Labs (post contest)
  • Digital Promotion of your logo in videos & flyers
  • Trophy with Logo if win (Many Trophies can be won in each category) 
  • Email & text blast to judges & fans
  • Introduction to dispensary partners
  • Deals from Media Partners 
  • Warm introduction to market
  • 30 Sec video in promotions in award ceremony 
  • Often placement in our Media Sponsors platforms 

How to become a Contestant with Farmers Cup

  1. Have a valid California Cannabis license
  2. Register (Email for details)
  3. Submit Entries to Licensed the dispensary by 2/11 
  4. Submit logo for promotions

How do you become a Judge for Farmers Cup?

Our competition is open to the public of San Diego County Residents who are 21 and up, who self-assign the label of “cannabis connoisseur” with the tolerance capable of enjoying many products in about a 10 day period and coherently writing up a quality review. More details on the judge process and sign up can be found at EventHi-IO

Sponsorship opportunities

Various sponsorship opportunities exist with Farmers Cup, we currently have physical vendor space for Earth Day, virtual advertising space, and Farmers Cup competing contestant space. please contact We are seeking cannabis and non-cannabis businesses that are seeking exposure in our niche market here in the San Diego County cannabis market. Many reasons why a brand should considering joining an event like this can be easily found, but also consider the movement of San Diego County to allow more cannabis licenses in near future. 

Media Partners for Farmers Cup

In addition, we highly encourage all brands to reach out to Farmers Cup Media partners to do some community relations, launch press releases, advertising or media promotions. The Farmers Cup is going to be a great way to get a lot of exposure for the Southern California cannabis industry this year, so take advantage of that SEO and limelight exposure with Farmers Cup! The first Edibles Only cannabis competition will only happen once, and you can set the record straight by being there in the community to cover it.