Celebrating Media Partners of the Farmers Cup

Involvement in a Contest is Bold!

In fact, your courage can really open doors for your brand. That is why we tell contestants of the Farmers Cup to make a big deal of it. Not only did these contestants get their highly controversial product to market in the toughest regulated industry, they pressed past that to compare their brand’s product to others in hopes that they have the best in California! If you ask some contestants, even the race to get their entry from Northern California to San Diego by the December 1st entry date was difficult. Going back to the boldness, some of the brands in Farmers Cup are simply the best of their niche simply because they have pride in their product.

“This notion is already what the average connoisseur wants to hear, you are willing to go to bat for your product! That allows for confidence in your brand!”

San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market & Farmers Cup teams have some great media partners that have come together from various niches to help support the Harvest Cup edition of the ongoing Farmers Cup series of cannabis competitions. Please take a look at these brands and support them by checking out what they do for the cannabis community.

Buddy Jane


Buddy Jane Logo

Buddy Jane, for the cannabis community and industry, is where you can unleash your creativity without the risk of being flagged or deleted. A fully immersive, no judgment community where cannabis is not only welcome…it’s thriving.

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Candid Chronicle (The best Cannabis News)

“The best-ranking Cannabis news publisher in SoCal is easy to find because their work is always found in the Top of Google Searches. If you have a story to tell, reach out to Candid Chronicle.” -San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market

Hey media partners, contestants, sponsors! We’d love to get you some extra exposure, please reach out! -Candid Chronicle

Best Contact: Benjie: benjie@candidchronicle.com

Cannabis Reset Culture

Cannabis Reset Culture logo

If you are seeking quality writing skills for your cannabis business, cannabis knowledge and written talent can be found with Jacob Simpson at Cannabis Reset. Please take a look at one of our favorite articles by Jacob, “Just Not for You,” an article dedicated to the social clash of cannabis and mainstream culture as we reset new norms regarding Cannabis. Jacob can be reached at: cannareset@gmail.com


Cannabis Travel Association

Cannabis Travel Association Logo

Cannabis Travel Association is an international cannabis-forward-thinking tourism association for professionals in the industry, if you would like more information, reach out to Georgi Gordon!

Link: https://www.cannabistravelassociation.org/

Georgi Gordon: communications@cannabistravelassociation.org

Now & Next Event Flyer


  • Event December 14th Join us for two information-filled days at the CTA Cannabis Travel Summit on December 14-15. We’ll be going virtual to better accommodate all our members who hail from all over the world.


Eventhi.IO logo

Our ticketing partner for all our cannabis related events and as you can see above, other professionals trust them too! Please take a look at EventHi-IO for all your cannabis event needs!

Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam University

Recognized worldwide for our leading-edge academics, Oaksterdam certifications are respected by professionals in every segment of the cannabis industry around the globe. Judges, attendees to Expo and attendees to Harvest Cup Award Ceremony will be eligible for a Scholarship to Oaksterdam university! Oaksterdam university is a proud media sponsor of the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market & the Farmers Cup Harvest Edition. 

The Nugget Nerds

The Nugget Nerds logo

For Media Production, ‘The Nugget Nerds’ can do it all! From photography, video, drone footage, and editing – for anything cannabis/natural health related. Aiming to kick bad info, stereotypes, and propaganda to the curb…with a great combo of education, testimonies, experiences, fun, and more! Be sure to reach out to Seth & Amy if you need Video/Photo help – from strain/product/brand reviews/visual content, dispensary tour videos, event coverage, etc. They’ve got you covered!

Focused on natural health and wellness businesses and content production. INclusivity not Exclusivity!

Please follow and check out ‘The Nugget Nerds’ on Instagram and YouTube. Website coming soon!

Reach out to the Nugget Nerds for Media Work at TheNuggetNerds@gmail.com or 858-215-4202 to discuss your vision/project today!

Sensi Magazine Logo
Sensi Magazine has been a long time supporter of the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market & Farmers Cup. You can see their quality work here, and if you would like to connect directly to the local SoCal Sensi Representative, Dennis will be happy to help you! Dennis Lento: dennis.lento@sensimag.com

Respect My Region

respect my region logo

The Respect My Region brand is most-known for their north western regional cannabis and hip-hop music related media. Recently on Facebook, Respect My Region, hosted by Farmers Cup Founder Josh on his podcast, has introduced upcoming events and discussed our Harvest Cup edition of Farmers Cup. They also have a lot to offer Harvest Cup contestants and other brands, so stay tuned to their social medias and website.

Contact: Mitch Pfeifer mitch@respectmyregion.com


Tommy Chong supports Farmers Cup!

Tommy Chong endorses the Harvest Cup edition of Farmers Cup
A special thanks to Tommy Chong for recognizing the hard work in reaching out to the smaller farmers to encourage them to join us in the San Diego county cannabis market. He did a video endorsement to help Farmers Cup team get some exposure and let people know what the team is doing with Harvest Cup to get small farmers access to the San Diego market.

Please take a look at the offering above from each media partners of the Farmers Cup! Thank you!

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