Flower Sales Begin in PA for Medical Cannabis Patients

By Andrew Wagner
IG: @sdcannablogger

Twenty years ago as a 20-something nerdy kid in the Poconos, if I wanted cannabis flower, I got it from my “guy”, and $25 got me a quarter-ounce of whatever he had at the time.

As of August 1, all that changed.

Cannabis flower became legal for medical sales in Pennsylvania beginning August 1. This means PA cannabis patients no longer had to rely on vape pens, topicals, or edibles to receive their cannabis dosage.

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Don’t break out the bong quite yet, however. PA’s medical cannabis laws still prohibit smoking of cannabis flower. In order for patients to take advantage of cannabis flower, they’ll need to use a vaporizer.

Cost vs Convenience

Despite being six months behind, Pittsburgh’s NPR, 90.5 WESA, expects dry leaf cannabis sales to bring in about $60 million in revenue this year alone and exceed $240 million by 2020. Prices for flower in PA are roughly $20-$60 per eighth-ounce, which is comparable to CA prices. Considering the cost of living in PA is significantly lower than that in CA, the fact that cannabis patients are still willing to pay those prices is very telling. Cannabis flower is still ultimately cheaper than oils, resins, etc. and still preferred by patients.

Cannabis Flower Price List from Keystone Canna


Have you lined up to purchase flower in PA? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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