Good Feels Launches Cannabis Beverages In Massachusetts

A minority-owned cannabis brand is releasing new fast-acting seltzers and beverage enhancers.

Medway, Massachusetts-based Good Feels today announced the launch of its cannabis-infused liquid edible products, which will be available in dispensaries across the state.

According to the company, its mission is to bring people together to celebrate life in good health with non-alcoholic, non-smoking, and non-vaping alternatives.

Good Feels Founder Jason Reposa says he felt inspired to build a company that makes that world a better place.

“I started this company because there was no solution to my problem,” says Reposa. “I had to create my own solution. We took an aggressive approach to launch these products as quickly as possible so that people can have access to them. They really are revolutionary in that the innovation didn’t exist, so we had to create it. I needed to create something for myself, and I knew that if I did, others would love it as well.”

Good Drinks, Good Feels

At launch, Good Feels seltzers come in Black Cherry, Raspberry-Apple, Blood Orange, and Grapefruit.

The company’s beverage enhancers come in Lemon-Lime and Flavorless varieties.

Good Feels says it flavors its products, which are fast-acting and have zero calories, with essential oils extracted from fruit.

Good Feels’ infuses its 12-ounce seltzer bottles with 3mg THC and 2mg CBD, while the beverage enhancers contain 4.5mg THC and 3mg CBD per serving.

The beverage enhancers contain 20 servings with a total of 150mg THC.

Good Feels says it produces its products in infinitely recyclable glass bottles at a carbon-neutral facility that runs entirely on renewable energy.

Reposa says he is thankful for the team that helped materialize his vision.

“This started as a solo journey and picked up quickly with the help of some really great people who helped my vision come alive,” says Reposa. “I have nothing but pride seeing these individuals come together to successfully guide our launch.”

A Job to Feel Good About

Good Feels says it is working to ease the path for minorities to find career opportunities in cannabis.

According to the company, its business structure supports Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission-recognized social equity initiatives.

Good Feels says the initiatives include hiring individuals from areas that have experienced a disproportionate impact from cannabis prohibition.

In addition to purchasing 25 percent of its materials from social equity or economic empowerment-licensed businesses, Good Feels says it starts employees at $20/hour and provides employees with comprehensive benefits for a better standard of living.

Good Stuff says its founding team has rapidly grown to nine employees while the company continues to expand to meet demand.