Marijuana Makeup

By Marieval Yebra

If you ever wondered whether or not marijuana makes it past lotion and shampoo when it comes to beauty products…

Well then wonder no further. Marijuana is not only making it mainstream when it comes to gourmet food and spirits, but it is also making headway in the beauty products area too. I have to say I am shocked and thrilled, just a few years ago the only beauty product I could get my hands was hemp shampoo and sorry to say that it didn’t smell all that great. It was more themed for a man than a woman, needless to say, my husband at the time is the one that became a fan of my shampoo and conditioner set. Ever since then I have wondered whether or not I would get the healing powers of marijuana that I thought I so rightfully deserved. I crossed my fingers it would come in the shape of an awesome lip gloss or a shampoo (smelling other than a Calvin Klein reject body spray.)


Now some of the products range from being made with hemp to having CBD oils added to them. Hemp, like cocoa butter, is great for the skin and it is environmentally friendly, but some do have allergies to marijuana or hemp, so just like with most beauty products that you are new to, use on a small patch of skin and see if redness or irritation occur. There’s nothing fun when it comes to skin allergies.


1. Kush Creams Aloe-Based Face and Eye Cream, $40
For the ones with sensitive skin who wish to experience the anti-inflammatory benefits that come with cannabis, this aloe-based cream works to help with acne, reduce wrinkles and it also helps smooth the skin. It is made with cannabis-infused emu oil and a full cannabis extract to work with your bodies natural ph level. Available at


2. Marley Natural Hemp Seed Body Wash, $25
That’s right, something to satisfy your Marley fix. The Marley name is synonymous with marijuana, and pretty much everything having to do with it. FYI: they even sell toasted hemp seeds. Anyways this naturally beautiful body wash is made using hemp and cannabis sativa seed oil. Available at


3. Blueberry Kush Highlighter, $20
While this certain cosmetic does not contain any herb at all, it will definitely show your support for the green movement. Brought to you by Bitch Slap Cosmetics, this lovely compact dons a picture of a nicely lit joint. Besides the lovely mary jane compact, they have a few other interesting items available on


4. CBD Care Garden Lip Gloss, $42
Not only is there a lip beauty product containing CBD oil, but it something other than just the run of the mill regular old lip balm. These are beautiful, nonstick lip glosses. Yes, that’s right nonstick. Not only are there three shades to choose from but they have 10MG of CBD oil. They sell for about $42 a piece and are available on


5. Stay Together 24K Hemp Matte Lipstick, $20
Yup, that’s right an actual lipstick has made it on the list. Might I say, this lipstick is pretty appealing in rosy shades infused with gold leaf accents. It’s crazy that it’s only $20. This unique beauty line is brought to you by Kimmy Cosmetics; they are handcrafted, vegan, and infused with hemp oil. Find them on


6. Apothecanna Cherry Balm, $18
20 mg of CBD oil and extracts from cherries, mangoes, peppermint, and ylang-ylang. It’s no surprise that this lip balm is a hit. Shop on


7. Whoopi & Maya Soak, $15
A THC bath soak to help combat cramps and pretty much any other ache that you can imagine. Or if you just want to sit and relax in a nice long bath. It comes in lavender, rose, and unscented. Whoopi & Maya is a medicinal marijuana company specializing in pain relief and not just any pain relief, menstrual pain relief. That’s right. An alternative to Midol or Pamprin? Maybe. You may find these products at dispensaries in CA. Find out more on


There are many other products and companies out there that specialize in hemp and marijuana products. They can go from your everyday lip balm as you’ve seen here or they can be luxurious bath salts and scrubs. Remember that just because a product says it contains hemp doesn’t mean that it contains CBD oil. p{roducts that do contain CBD oil may sometimes only be bought at dispensaries by patrons that carry their 215. Yes, marijuana has become legal in several states, but there are still restrictions regarding products made with medicinal marijuana and bath and beauty products are no different. Hope that you have some happy shopping experiences when looking for the marijuana beauty product that’s right for you.