Good People Don’t…

By: Ally Cyrino

Like the screeching sound of nails on the blackboard, the sound of the brakes coming to an absolute halt on the tracks progression in of American history is deafening in the ears of anyone who can legitimately claim an education above that of middle school. Senator Jeff Sessions an outspoken adversary of the pro-legalization of marijuana has been “tapped” for Attorney General by the President-elect Donald Trump. The prospect of this appointment is disheartening, and a vital threat to all the progress we have made in recent years toward the legalization of marijuana.

“Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), in a very well-rehearsed display of his Hooked on Phonics vocabulary lesson #3, reached the masses of Trump’s constituents in rural communities across the red belt of the country. Public rotary dial telephones atop leaning wooden poles, as well as rural general store post office teletypes, and dilapidated train station telegraphs booths lit up throughout the country, and eventually made it to the rest of the country via modern day communications, social media to the rest of the civilized nation.

Smoking marijuana equates to being a bad person, that’s the message, really? The Darwinian scale has surely tipped, and this type of unreasonable condemnation of what of the uninformed, the unstudied, populace who will indeed reverse the progress of pro-legalization, these same lemmings believe the world will be one day inhabited by talking apes, and the human race will have succumb to their far superior thinking capacity, and have as a result become enslaved by the beasts. They will take all we have strived for over the cliff with them. “By golly boys get your guns, them talking monkeys they coming for us sure!” And just what did we expect from our new administration that condemns free thinking of any kind? As an afterthought. Perhaps a secondary position to intelligent apes will be far better than to have to listen, and adhere to the ignorant rhetoric that has taunted us during the election, and will continue to do so in these next four years.

We, the people who have worked so tirelessly for so many years. Keeping in mind those who have suffered the “drug addict” stereotypes under this type of ignorance. Those who have served time in prison for possession of the same plant that now aids us in the treatment of certain medical conditions, and other such ailments. We now know the massive contribution marijuana can bring regarding its use in of hemp textile, and its role certain healthy foods, and so many other benefits not identified in this short article. The politicians who keep well-stocked bars in their tax payers provided residences, and those who manage to keep hidden a twelve-year-old bottle of scotch in the upper right-hand drawer of their desks, to toast their peers for an unanimously unpopular undeserved victory, should not throw stones while holding a glass of alcohol in one hand, and a Cuban cigar in the other.

The legalization of marijuana is a milestone for all who are for the many benefits of this wondrous plant that will contribute to the health, and well-being of our citizens who use marijuana for this, the various cures, and other benefits to society as medical science have discovered in the recent past. Of course, the marijuana issue is just one of many facing the educated masses that are now under the thumb of a less than understanding, for lack of a more suitable term, the administration under Donald Trump. Nevertheless if we do not remain as diligent, or perhaps even more so than the causes all facing “repeal, and replacement” we will lose the necessary groundwork that we have laid for decades prior and will have to begin all over again in four years when this nightmare is realized, and Michelle Obama is back in the Whitehouse as President of the United States. Peace.