Hakuna Supply Releasing Biometric Lock Box For Storing Cannabis

Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate producer Sun Kissed Industries (SKI) has announced that its soon-to-be subsidiary, Hakuna Supply (Hakuna) will be releasing its new biometric-sensing cannabis storage device, the Fingerprint Lock Box for sale in time for the holiday season.

The box is built to keep products safe and secure with its sturdy construction and a lock that is controlled by a fingerprint-triggered biometric sensing mechanism.

For added assurance, a metal backup key is included with the Fingerprint Lock Box and the box can be charged with a removable USB-compatible wireless charger located on the unit’s base.

“I’m truly excited that the Hakuna acquisition appears set to be finalized sooner than expected as Hakuna continues to roll out powerful new products,” says Sun Kissed CEO Carl Grant. “As we get ready to close the acquisition, our attention will quickly turn toward marketing the many award-winning top-tier products Hakuna has crafted, with this beautiful new state-of-the-art biometric sensing Fingerprint Lock Box representing yet another success story as shoppers get set for the Holiday Season.”

A Definitive Agreement will soon be signed by both companies for the upcoming acquisition and SKI will be acquiring 100 percent of Hakuna’s issued and outstanding shares.

Hakuna currently has more than 110 established retail distribution partners in more than 20 states within the U.S. market.

Grant says that SKI is working closely with Hakuna to facilitate a smooth transition as they get ready to integrate operations and invest in the growing company to make it one of the biggest players in the U.S. market.