Pennsylvania Lt. Governor Asks Citizens to Weigh in on Cannabis Legalization

Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman is touring Pennsylvania to gather opinions about cannabis in the state. He is planning to visit every county in the state.

Pennsylvania’s medical cannabis program opened up in 2018, with over 80,000 people applying for medical cards. Recreational cannabis use remains illegal in the state; however, major cities like Philadelphia have decriminalized cannabis possession.

According to the Tribune-Review, Lt. Governor Fetterman was in attendance at the opening of CY+ Dispensary in New Kensington and stated that, so far, he has not any heard opposition to medical cannabis.

“I have gone down to many different counties and have had hundreds of conversations with Pennsylvanians all across this great commonwealth, and I have not heard one single negative opinion on medical cannabis in my entire listening tour,” John Fetterman.

Fetterman also said that after learning the benefits of cannabis, it’s “the best thing since two-ply toilet paper.”

In addition to his listening tour, Fetterman has offered for Pennsylvanians to share their thoughts on cannabis legalization by emailing

Fetterman’s tour isn’t pro-cannabis legalization, per se. Rather, the listening tour simply gives the newly appointed Lieutenant Governor a feel for how the citizens view cannabis. Undoubtedly, Pennsylvania legislators are discussing the potential of statewide recreational legalization and considering options for when the Federal cannabis ban is lifted.

As reported by The Daily Pennsylvanian, Colin Keeler, Wharton Cannabis Business Club board member and MBA student, believes that the majority of University of Pennsylvania students would support statewide legalization, and that legalization would connect students with the chances to enter the legal cannabis industry.

“We need to anticipate full legalization in the next few years,” Keeler told the DP.

Candid Chronicle sent a request for comment to John Fetterman and Colin Keeler. To date of publication, no comments have been received.

Featured image, John Fetterman and Gisele Barreto Fetterman, via Fetterman’s Facebook profile.