Truck Drops Garbage Bags Full Of Cannabis Onto Oakland Highway

A truck turned a section of Interstate Highway in Oakland, California into a high-way on Thursday after it left a trail of cannabis on the road.

The vehicle had been traveling on Highway 880 in Oakland when black trash bags apparently began spilling out of the back.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers discovered the truck’s trash trail at around 3 p.m. and followed it for more than a mile until they caught up with the driver that had been unwittingly dispensing the bags onto the roadway.

CHP officers stopped the driver at the interchange between the I880 and I580 in Emeryville and discovered that the truck was full of bags of cannabis. The bags had begun falling out the back because the gate was not latched.

CHP posted photos of the incident to Twitter on Thursday evening, poking a little bit of fun at it.

According to KPIX, Officer Herman Baza stated that much of the bags of cannabis had been cleaned up though there was no way to tell when how many of them were on the highway or when they started falling out of the truck.

Images: CHP