Simplifya’s Cannabis Business Compliance Suite For Virginia

Less than a year after Virginia’s first medical cannabis dispensary opened, a leading regulatory and operational compliance software platform is launching in the state.

Denver, Colorado-based Simplifya on Thursday announced the launch of a suite of cannabis business compliance solutions in Virginia.

The move makes Virginia the 22nd state within Simplifya’s business footprint.

Software Assistance

According to the company, the suite of services can assist cannabis businesses in maintaining compliance under Virginia’s operational laws and economically manage risks.

Simplifya says its core operational compliance solutions remove the guesswork from the confusing and ever-changing cannabis business regulations.

The suite includes Simplifya Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Simplifya Smart Cabinet, and Simplifya Self Audit.

Simplifya CEO and Co-Founder Marion Mariathasan says most cannabis operators didn’t decide to enter the cannabis industry because they were passionate about rules and regulations.

“They’re passionate about cultivating cannabis and delivering life-changing treatments to patients and customers,” says Mariathasan. “However, following regulations is critical to a company’s long-term success, which is why we created a comprehensive suite of solutions that put an end to compliance headaches, the endless worrying and even worse fines. As the Virginia marketplace prepares for the addition of flower later this year and the eventual enactment of adult-use, our compliance software solutions will help operators protect their licenses and business from regulatory risks, so they’re able to focus on their business goals and objectives.”

Virginia legalized adult-use cannabis on April 7, 2021, and home cultivation became legal on July 1, but adult-use retail sales are not expected to commence until 2024.

Changes to state cannabis law also sealed some past cannabis convictions and created the Cannabis Control Authority to regulate the market.

The Cannabis Control Authority needs to create and implement regulations before adult-use cannabis sales can begin.

Staying Compliant and Efficient

Simplifya says its SOP outlines best practices and processes to help ensure clients’ entire organizations run efficiently, effectively, and legally.

The company’s expert analytical and regulatory team developed generic and license-specific SOP bundles to help businesses get started.

The company says SOPs ensure regulation compliance by providing a comprehensive base, which businesses can use as-is or customize to meet their specific needs.

In the event of a change. the Simplifya team will automatically update the specific SOP and notify the client.

The Simplifya Smart Cabinet is an online document storage hub designed to eliminate the worry and stress that can come with organizing and storing critical documents.

The Smart Cabinet ensures a company’s documents are current and easily accessible for inspections and provides a cheat sheet for each one based on their license.

In addition to an intuitive interface, Simplifya says the Smart Cabinet also provides complete control over document access and the ability to assign documents to specific employees and issue file update reminders.