Hemp, Inc. Launches Highly Potent CBD/CBG Capsules

An American industrial hemp company has unveiled new products containing hefty doses of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG).

On Thursday, Las Vegas, Nevada-based Hemp, Inc. announced the launch of its highly potent CBD/CBG capsules.

Earlier in the week, the company revealed its new CBD/CBG tinctures, which it says it formulated to enhance an individual’s health and wellness routines.

According to Hemp, Inc., the new CBD/CBG capsules can help reduce pain, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety.

Hemp Inc. says the power-packed capsules are a convenient, more traditional form to absorb the benefits of CBD and CBG.

Each pain-reducing capsule contains 250mg of CBD and 100mg of CBG.

The capsules for improving sleep and reducing anxiety contain 150mg of CBD, 50mg of CBG, and 25 MG of cannabinol (CBN).

“We are just as excited about our CBD/CBG high potency blend in capsule form as we are about the new super tincture we unveiled earlier this week,” says Hemp, Inc. COO Jed Perlowin. “While we ramp up production, Hemp, Inc. is offering free sample packs to the first 100 customers who order it from the King of Hemp website. This is for a limited time only and includes 3 servings of CBD/CBG capsules for pain, 3 servings of CBD/CBG/CBN capsules for anxiety and sleep, and 3 servings of our CBD/CBG tincture. It’s limited to one pack per person due to the current limited supply.”

Perlowin says the sample pack is free, but the customer will need to pay $7.95 for shipping and handling.

Hemp, Inc. says the free sample packs will probably go quickly due to overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new products.

According to Hemp, Inc., the new products rejuvenate and promote enhanced mood and clarity.

The company says some users reported feeling stress-free, tension-free, and a sense of rejuvenation.

Hemp, Inc. says a third-party laboratory handles the testing for all of its products, which it manufactures at its Nevada facility.

The company says its products are 100 percent sustainably sourced, vegan-grade, gluten-free, non-psychoactive, and undergo testing for microbials, heavy metals, pesticides, and dangerous chemicals.

Following this week’s release of the new tincture and capsules, Hemp Inc. says it will unveil a third product early next week.